iPhone will charge other equipment with wireless charging


With each new version of the iPhone, Apple adds new features that bring them closer to the competition and even surpass it. Naturally, they are always intensively developed to be perfect.

The new rumor now gives the opportunity for the next iPhone to see an important feature. This is something that many users have been waiting for a while. The iPhone will have the option of wirelessly charging other devices.

Apple iPhone power supplies

With the iPhone X, which was in 2018, Apple first supplied wireless charging. This was a novelty that many other producers had already had many years ago and which was not fully exploited.

iPhone will be able to load other equipment

Now, according to information obtained from Macotakara, Apple can take a leap and bring another innovation. The next iPhone can charge wireless charging to download other equipment.

In addition to these updates, it is expected that the iPhone 2019 will be upgraded to cameras and batteries. There is also information that will bring a new charger with a higher power, with 18W, just like the iPad. It will not yet be that the USB-C port arrives on this smartphone.

Apple iPhone power supplies

This news is especially interesting, as Apple seems to pay more attention to wireless charging. The new AirPods, launched this week, already brings this new capability among the many new features they have included.

Reverse wireless charging is not new to Apple

Of course, the ability to charge other devices wirelessly is not new in the world of smartphones. After all, Huawei made this step for the first time with its Mate 20, which was later followed by Samsung in its recent Galaxy S10.

It is too early to know the credibility of this rumor, but it all seems to be a reality soon. Apple once again follows what its direct competitors already have. This will be an interesting and useful addition to the iPhone and accessories that come up.


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