Infraero airports register 13% of deferred flights


About 13% of flights scheduled to fly from infra-year airports postponed this holiday of proclamation of the republic. According to the balance sheet, published late on Thursday (15), of the 867 domestic and international flights scheduled until 17:00, there were 115 delays and 15 canceled.

At Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro, three years have been canceled until late in the afternoon. Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport in Brazil recorded the same number of cancellations. Congonhas Airport, which focuses on the majority of regular flights between units operated by Infraero, did not take delays until the data were published.

Quiet ride

Infraero itself plans to quietly travel to airports due to a drop in passenger and air traffic between 14 and 19 November.

It is estimated that the reduction for passengers is 9.15% and the airplane by 6.94% compared to last year, when 1.31 million shipments and landings were registered, and 11.24 thousand landings and departures between 15 and 20. November.

It is expected that the expected movement will decrease compared to 2017, as last year's holiday fell on Wednesday when the week is traded with movement practically within the average of others. Historically speaking, the movement is lower when the holiday falls on Thursday, "said Infraero.

Issue: Armando Cardoso


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