Germany is "scared", but it won the Netherlands in qualifying for Europe – March 24, 2014


Germany returned and felt the taste of victory in the official game. In the first UEFA Cup qualifier, Joachim Low opened a 2: 0 draw, but scored the Netherlands in Amsterdam 3-2, Sané, Gnabry and Schulz for the Germans and De Ligt and Depay to the Netherlands.

This was the first German victory in the official race since their humiliating exclusion in the group stage of the World Cup and the loss of the League of Nations in 2018. Since then, the Germans have won only two friendly matches against Peru (2). 1) and Russia (3 to 0).

Germany in the first half came forward with two men. The first was from Sané, which Low declined for the World Cup and in the left corner kicked the crusader with just 14 minutes of playing. At the age of 33, Gnabry was on the bench to score, clearing Van Dijk and Dumfries out of the game to shoot a shot in the corner.

Piroschka Van De Wouw / Reuters
Picture: Piroschka Van De Wouw / Reuters

The other half was all in the Netherlands. De Ligt and Depay were equalized, but Germany responded in the right moment and in 44 minutes she returned to the squad for Schulz's hit.

Intensive start

The low charged her midfield, putting it on 3-5-2, and invested in the restoration of the ball, which is still in the middle of the field to advance to the attack. The strategy proved to be effective quickly, as the German team played Dutch defense in the early minutes of the game. Orange reacted with more pressure, but the surplus Germans in the area forced them to move on top, without much success. The award for the German strategy came in 14 minutes with Sané's goal.

It's not so spectacular for the first time

The highly acclaimed Dutch striker did not have the height of what he expected of them for the first time. Since Barcelona was closely watched and played by Juventus and PSG, De Ligt slipped to that area and left Sanéa to be able to cross and open scoring. Even the most dearest defender on the planet, Van Dijk only watched Gnabry's move before he sent the corner.


If you redeem it!

If the first stage had a bitter taste, De Ligt rewarded his failure in the second half by lowering the score. After two minutes after the break, defender midfielder Depay gave the ball and hit the Netherlands in the game.

The story is almost repetitive!

In November last year, which was already lowered in the League of Nations, Germany almost had the taste of winning the competition, which opened 2-0 against the Netherlands. However, Mechanical Orange was looking for a draw and secured his place in the semi-finals of the tournament. This scenario was almost repeated this Sunday. In the 17th minute, Depay traded with Dumfries, escaped from Sulea to score low and scored the result.

And a big star is saved!

The main news in front of the ball was Low's decision to leave Marcus Reus on the bench for pain after a friendly match against Serbia. The Dortmund attacker entered the 42nd stage of the second game and with just two minutes on the court gave a precise passage, so Schulz could have scored a goal and Germany finally won the official game.

Create History

Manuel Neuer reached Oliver Khana in the number of international matches, a total of 86. t In 2014, 59 victories won the world champions against 46 Kahn and 78 goals (count of today) against 95 best globe players in 2002. Despite the goal scored, Neuer was the first half a year, he made two major defenses. At the age of 24, Babel kicked out the Germans if he stretched out and avoided the goal. Two minutes later, the T-shirt again turned, this time to the blind, but Neuer stopped again.

Three years without Cruyff

Today (24) ended the three-year death of Johan Cruyff, the greatest legend of the history of Dutch football. Although the match was played on the scene bearing his name, the player had no official recognition, both UEFA and the Netherlands.

How is the group?

The result was qualifying for the Euro in Group C. Since this was the first appearance in Germany (the group has five teams and there will always be a selection in the round), it has gathered with the Netherlands, which won in its first appearance with 3 points. Leadership is in the hands of Northern Ireland, which beat Belarus from 2 to 1 and added 6 points in the group.

The teams return to the game in June. Sixth, the Dutch have committed themselves to England with the semi-finals of the League of Nations. Germany is on the court two days later for qualifications that visit Belarus.

Location: Johan Cruyff Arena (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Time: 4:45 in the morning
Judge: Jesús Gil Manzano (Spain)
Assistants: Angel Nevado Rodriguez and Diego Barbero Sevilla (both from Spain)
Yellow cards: Blind, at 38 in the first half.
Objectives: Sane at 14 and Gnabry at 33 in the first half of the year; From Ligt to 2 and Depaya to 17 in the Netherlands, Schulz to 44 others in Germany.

Netherlands: Cillessen; Blind, Van Dijk, De Ligt and Dumfries; Frankie de Jong, De Roon (Luuk de Jong) and Wijnaldum; Babel, Depay and Promes. Coach: Ronald Koeman.

Germany: Neuer; Sule, Ginter and Rudiger; Kehrer, Kroos, Gorestka (Gundogan), Kimmich and Schulz; Gnabry (Reus) and Sané. Coach: Joachim Low.


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