Fortaleza gives CSA attachment and postpones the celebration of an unknown title in the B series


Now there are only three points in three games for Lyon, who is the first North East Serie B champion

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Fortaleza, CE, 6 (AFI) – In 2019, the Fortaleza with the city stamp on the national elite failed to predict the title of the Brazilian B Series Championship by drawing 1 to 1 with CSA on Tuesday night at Arena Castelão for the 35th round. Frustrating for more than 47,000 fans. Now the team led by Rogério Ceni, the great idol of São Paulo, depends only on the tie in the next three matches to win his first national title.

One point missing
The result of the simplification was Fortaleza with 65 points, followed by CSA with 58 points. Then Goiás and Avaí, which close the G4 access area, appear. They are popular to confirm access in the last three circles.

Before the game, the stadium had a lot of fun with fireworks and mosaics on the stands.

In this mood of decision, the game started late six minutes. Contrary to what Rogério Ceni introduced, CSA practically renounced attacks. Coach Marcelo Cabo took side Rafinho to improvise Matheus Lopez on the left to reinforce the defensive lock.

More than 47,000 fans went to Arena Castelão, but the title party was postponed

More than 47,000 fans went to Arena Castelão, but the title party was postponed

With the opponent he withdrew, the rest was left to the fortress to take over the whole game. Despite extensive government, Tricolor of Steel was unable to infiltrate the threat. It seems that he expects the right opportunity. It appeared 35 minutes. Defense player Diego Jussani risked dodo in the game. He leans the ball into the chest, turns his body and hits it diagonally. Nice goal.

The expectations were due to the position of the teams in the round of the interval. The first threat to the danger was the team from Ceará, and Marcinho descended to the right and ran after Marlon's shot. The ball came strong, but out.

CSA came out and almost equalized in 11 minutes, when Rubens was dropped by the speed, defender Ligger pulled the ball and stayed with the Alagoan attacker. Ligger cut off and struck, the ball was cut off in goalkeeper Marcela Boeck and still on the dash. The defense made it easier to restart. This time the fortress was happy.

Concerned that he would move his team away from the defense, Ceni traded with the midfielder Marlon for the attacker Ederson. Then, within 15 minutes, Cabo strengthened the attack: he took the side of Matheus Lopes to the entrance of Net Berol, which was open to the right.

CSA did not give up attacks. 23 minutes into the game, a swerving free kick by Hugo Cabral almost resulted in the home team taking the lead. Hugo Cabral's Marcelo Boeck missed a chance to knock the ball in the net.

The fortress felt anxiety for the title and seemed to wait for the final whistle. But CSA took the 36 minutes. After a good penetration by the wrong on the right. Hugo Cabral showed great heart and had a good game.

The game was open, although both teams slowed down due to fatigue. Delay on Castelão.

On Saturday, Fortaleza will face Avaí in Florianopolis at 17.30, in the second match between teams in the G4 group. CSA will receive Atlético-GO at 7.30 at King Pelé Stadium.

Technical specifications


Arena Castelão – Fortaleza (CE)


Péricles Bassols Pegado Cortez-PE


Clovis Amaral da Silva-PE and Marcelino Castro de Nazare-PE


46,630 payers (47,540 total)

Yellow cards

Fortaleza-CE: Felipe, Marlon

CSA-AL: Juan, Xandão


Fortaleza-CE: Dodô 35 & # 39; 1T

CSA-AL: Hugo Cabral 36 & # 39; 2T


Marcelo Boeck;
Tinga, Diego Jussani, Ligger and Adalberto (Leoman);
Felipe (Derley), Dodo, Nenê Bonilha and Marlon (Éderson);
Gustavo and Marcinho.

Technician: Rogério Ceni


Lucas Frigeri;
Celsinho, Elivelton, Xandão and Matheus Lopes (Net Berola);
Yuri, Juan, Dawhan (Jhon Cley) and Didier (Pio);
Rubens and Hugo Cabral.

Technician: Marcelo Cabo


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