Firefighters are looking for a teenager who was riding a horse during a storm in BH – General


The precise point where the adolescent Anna Luís Fernandes de Paiva Maria disappeared (photo: Fire Brigade / Proclamation)
The precise point where the young Anna Luís Fernandes de Paiva Maria disappeared (photo: fire service / disclosure)

After a storm that flooded the Vilarinho avenue and its surroundings, pulling cars and killing two people in the Venda region of Belo Horizonte, the fire brigade is conducting searches on Friday for a 16-year-old teenager who was sunk by the flood and is missing from last night. The army took advantage of the fact that water dropped the level to enter the galleries, as the young woman was surprised by the opening opened by the force of the water.

Anna Luísa Fernandes de Paiva Maria disappeared at Avenida Álvaro Camargos, popularly known on October 12, when she stepped out of her boyfriend's car. The water closed the opening, which remained uncovered when the flood had passed.

On Thursday evening, a woman and a child, about ten years old, found dead in a palio, which was pulled by a saddle at the intersection of Vilarinho and Cristiano Machado in Vendi Nova. The car was moved to the subway line at the bottom of the merchant station. From Friday morning the names were not identified.

Adviser to Mayor of Belo Horizonte Alexandre Kalil has announced that he will visit areas affected by bad weather on Friday morning.

Rainier day

According to the Civil Defense Department, it was today the most rainy day in Belo Horizonte. The accumulated rain is in the local body from 12.30 to 8.30: Barreiro – 45.0, Centro Sul – 50.0, Leste – 28.2, Northeast – 27.6, North – 43.6, North – 32.0, West – 73.0, Pampulha – 101.6, Venda Nova – 92.4.

The Authority issued a valid warning by Friday morning.

No power

A storm, registered in Belo Horizonte, left some Bela Krajina areas without light. The residents of Dante Street, in the neighborhood of São Lucas, in the Center-Jug BiH region, have no electricity since the beginning of Friday. Even after the locals, Cemig was around 6 o'clock, but there was no repair done. In the Bandeirantes neighborhood, in the Pampulha region, some tree precipitation and some houses were flooded.

The report turned to Cemiga, but nobody answered the calls.


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