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Ex-Corinthian Sergio Daz has to convince the Uruguayan coach for a new opportunity in the team


Sergio D

Sergio Daz came to the Corinthians only four times

Daniel Augusto Jr / Ag. Corinthians

The striker Sergio Díaz returned to Cerro Porteño, the club he revealed. For his new coach, Sergio needs a moment to consolidate and recover from the injuries they have suffered.

The striker left the Paraguayan club, which was hired in 2006 to play for Real Madrid. In 2018, he came in as a Corinthians supporter after the season in Lugo, Spain, but he recently left Brazil and returned to Paraguay because he was not part of Carille's plans.

For Ángel Russo, coach Serra Porteño, leaving for Europe will often be complicated for a athlete under 19 years of age, such as Diaz.

"When they go to Europe, I want them to leave for 10 years not to come back. But there are clubs, representatives, money in the middle that all turn into something else," he explained.

Due to the teams that he passed, the former Corinthian got a lot of visibility, but the coach ensured that this would not be the reason for a different treatment.

"I know him, I spoke with Santiago Solari (Diaz's coach in Real Madrid Castilla) and he is one of those guys who is going on in the beginning, then nothing happens. That's his example and Josué Colman's example. they influence them in a way that they are not ready, they have an ephemeral star, something that passes, and what is good at this time is what is important in this profession, "the coach said.

One of the reasons for the late Diaz's first appearance at Corinthians was the injury suffered by the athlete. After a long recovery, Diaz entered the field with Timão four times.

And the injuries can be interrupted by the player in his new club again. Russo believes that injuries need more time and attention and can not be treated.

"Sergio is under consideration, but I also do not expect anything special or different from him, but to fulfill what we are asking." We will not hurry you; We'll be slow. In these cases of injuries or complicated situations, the finding of the level with which it turned out is not that simple, "said the coach, adding:

"Do what you need to do." The conditions for this are, and nothing more "

In Corinthians, Diaz played two games for the Brazilian (2018), one for Copa do Brasil (2019) and one for the South American (2019).

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