Diplomats respond poorly to Araúj's nomination in Itamaraty and point to a break in the hierarchy


By Lisandra Paraguassu

BRASÍLIA, Brazil (Reuters) – Diplomats' reaction to Itamarathi was the worst possible case in appointing Ernest Araú as the new foreign minister, while some estimate the violation of hierarchy and failure to comply with the institution, Reuters reported. .

Promoted to the first-rate minister – top professional technical name, the so-called ambassador – only in the first half of this year Araújo is considered too young a job diplomat, which was seen as an unintended break in the Itamaraty hierarchy.

"As if the elected president appointed a three-star general to order the defense or general staff of the armed forces," commented Itamaraty's internal knowledge source, who emphasized that Jair Bolsonaro, as a military man, would never make such a mistake.

"He was never the leader of the department, the third position, elevated to the chancellor," said another source. "He is a very low person. The question is what kind of leadership he could have."

The name of the 51-year-old Araujoi emerged as a potential chancellor during the campaign after a diplomat – the head of the United States and Canada, a third-place position in Itamarathi – created a blog in which he launched a campaign for Bolsonaro. Before that, Araújo had no connection with the elected president, but with his manifestations he approached the children in Bolsonaro.

A section of the team of the elected president, in particular the future minister of the institution's security cabinet, the general reserve of the General Staff of Augusto Helen and the elected vice-chairman of the general reserve Hamilton Mourão, defended other names. Retired Ambassador Jose Alfredo Grace Lima was the favorite Helena, while Mourão publicly appointed General Secretary of Itamaraty Marcos Galvão as an alternative.

However, Araujo's ideological stance has won, although Bolsonaro has consistently beaten the key that wants foreign policy without "ideological bias".

The diplomats heard by Reuters point to the manifestations of the future Chancellor as one of the main problems in the command of the institution, in addition to the obvious fact that recently encouraged him not to run embassies abroad or to have a diplomatic structure, Araújo would not have the necessary experience for the situation.

"Araújo made an extremely controversial article on foreign policy, in which Mr Donald Trump's passionate defense of the US President, Araújo. What capacity will Brazil's diplomacy take in the forefront?" Said one source. "In the eyes of the world, the Brazilian foreign the student was led by a trumpet. "

Another source, though less penetrating, is on the same line.

"He leaves Itamaraty as a hostage to a doctrine that ends up being a bit too passionate about our standards. There is an automatic harmonization (with the United States) of a discourse against our tradition and our interests," he explained.

In his blog, Araújo criticized the left and even made a "song" in which he named former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva the "post" of Venezuelan President Nicolas Madurai. It is also called the PT terrorist party and said that the fight against the government of PT will be "the fight against evil".

In a 27-page article published in the journal Cadernos de Política Externa, from the Alexandre Gusmão Foundation in Itamaraty, Araújo defends Trump for a long time. For the future Chancellor, the US president is tackling Western civilization from "radical Islamism" and "globalist cultural marxism" and can solve the future of the West.

The future Chancellor served in Washington with former Chancellor Mauro Vieira and returned to Brazil at the start of his second term, Dilme Rousseff, when Vieira was summoned to take Itamaraty. He worked in the cabinet to help Vieira with the removal of Dilma. Since then, he has been taken over by the head of the United States Department of the United States and Canada, who, despite his name, does not deal with the central issues relating to northern countries, such as trade – a job normally occupied by the minister.

In the first half of this year, he was promoted to the ambassador, but he continued in the same position due to a lack of positions in the position of the ambassador.

In a brief statement in Brasília, after Bolsonaro announced him as the future chancellor, Araújo said that Brazil is living "a remarkable moment" with the election of the reserve army commander to the Planalto Palace.

"First and foremost (the main part of work) is to ensure that this extraordinary moment with which Brazil lives with the election of President Bolsonaro is translated into Itamaraty. An effective policy, a policy based on national interest, the policy of one Brazil is active, happy Brazil , a successful Brazil, "said the incoming Foreign Minister.


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