Death insurance is a very important development phase •


Death The appearance of one of the great secrets of the current industry and Hideo Kojim did not seem to want to answer the big questions that relate to his next address.

Acted as a dishonest genius going on a certain path, Kojima works on this exclusive PlayStation 4, and all secrets serve only for fans' enthusiasm.

Through his Twitter, he decided to give a brief comment on the current state of the development of death, which says it is at an important stage.

As she says, it's not in the phase of difficulty adjusting or correcting errors, it turns into a perfect product.

"Death Stranding is not in the phase of troubleshooting, but in combining all the elements of the game that were created in the development tools of the game," Kojima said.

"Every day I play a game on the PlayStation 4, I connect and adapt. I add and shoot things at the same time – the key moment of development."

Previously, Kojima said that the development of Death Stranding lagged behind the plan for internal forecasts, but given that it did not publish the release date, it does not feel as much pressure as it could have suffered.



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