Tuesday , October 26 2021

Civilian police are investigating PM shooting raids without a job in the ABC market; a woman died and three people were injured Sao Paulo


A Civilian police investigates the motives of the shooting attack a a military policeman without a job and without a uniform on the market in São Bernardo do Campo, at ABC Paulista. The crime happened on Sunday night (10) at conquering the market, on Estrada da Conquista: one person was shot and died and three were injured by shots.

All the victims are from the same family, did not know the shooter and worked in a business plant that was to be reopened. The man also did not know the victim, he was drunk and spoke unrelated words when he entered the market and shot, according to witness testimony.

representative Military Police (PM) Adelmo Dioclecio Silva, 44-year-old named as suspect in assault, also shot and ended up in jail for crime fatigue. One of the hypotheses is that he later tried to kill himself with a hit to the head. Until the last update of this article, he was hospitalized in Mario Covas Hospital, v Saint Andrew, Close to town. Your medical condition has not been reported.

The dead woman had 65 years, she was retired and her name was Irinusia Rodrigues Almeida. She was shot in the hip.

The other people shot by the prime minister are two men (driver 43 years old hit in the leg and the owner of the market, of 44 years, wounded in the face) and a woman (unemployed woman 39 years shot in the chest). The three survivors were taken to Assunção Hospital in Sao Bernardo. Their health condition was also not reported.

police are investigating the murder

PM who is not at work shoots four people from the same family on ABC market-Photo: TV Globo Reproduction

The case was registered as more severe fatigue for a futile reason v 3rd Police District (DP) of St. Bernard. THE Sectional police supports investigative teams in trying to clarify the reasons for the attack.

Civilian police, for example, are determining whether the prime minister shot himself after shooting his family. One 38 caliber revolver the man he was carrying was arrested.

A relative of Adelma, who conducted the investigation, said she did not know the reason for the crime, that the military police officer apparently did not know the victims and that she had no psychiatric problems. The woman also said the prime minister lives in Diadem, ABC, and said she would leave the house to deal with it “male thing” .

According to the owner of the market, he told the civilian police that he also does not know the prime minister who “he was obviously drunk” quarreling with drivers on the street. He then said the man entered the plant and started firing.

Other witnesses told investigators that Adelmo was screaming “separate words”, What: “daughter is gone”,, “killed daughter”,, “daughter ran over” e “Didn’t you want to die?”

Civilian police are also looking for security cameras that may have recorded the prime minister’s attack on the market.

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