Saturday , July 24 2021

Bomb CPI antagonist

CPI bomb

Front Cover: Rodrigo Freitas / Crusoé – Photos: Adriano Machado / Crusoé

Jair Bolsonaro reiterates that there were no pixels at the health ministry, but the accused of the criminal scheme was Eduardo Pazuello himself when he said he was released because he did not respond to requests for money from the “political leadership”.

“The report had exclusive access to the details of the allegations that came to Miranda through an informant. This lobbyist and former police officer is one of those typical Brazilian characters used to transit the federal capital’s underground. Because it is connected to one of the system operators, its name is already owned by the CPI. The complaint was lodged with Luis Miranda on 29 June at his home in Lago Sul, the main area of ​​Brazil.

According to the MP, it was a “bomb” related to corruption in the logistics department of the ministry – on the same day, Roberto Dias, who headed the sector, was relieved of his duties by Luiz Paulo Dominguetti for every dose of AstraZeneca vaccine, for which he claimed to sell it, he charges a $ 1 bribe.

The informant includes the leadership of the progressives as well as Robert Dias in the alleged embezzlement scheme in the vaccine distribution contract with VTCLog. In addition to Ricardo Barroso, Arthur Lira, Ciro Nogueira, politicians directly responsible for appointments to command positions in the ministry were mentioned by name, as well as lawyer Andreia Lima, who introduces herself as the company’s executive director and whose call has already been approved by the CPI. week to explain the unclear deals made with the ministry. Requests for breaches of the bank’s, tax and telephone confidentiality of the company and the CEO were also submitted to the committee. “

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