Beers will have labels with ingredients that are used in manufacturing.


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National and imported beers sold in Brazil will have clearer specifications on the ingredients used in their production on their labels.

The measure is foreseen in the normative instruction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Nursing (Map), published in the Official Journal of the Union today (16).

Companies will have a period of one year to adapt to the new rules set out in the Maps Guide.

The indication determines the obligation to include clearly and precisely on the label of beer information indicative of the constituents constituting the product, replacing the general terms of the cereals in bacon or sugar, indicating the names of the cereals and unprocessed flakes, of the raw materials actually used as an additional brewery .

In addition, the decree provides that the sugar cane used in the production of beer must be designated by the name of the plant species, such as sugar cane.


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