Actress Cláudia Rodrigues was taken from Rio to a hospital in Sao Paulo


Actress Claudia Rodrigues, 47, was transferred to Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo last night (23). The state of health was not reported.

According to the hospital's press service, the clinical picture of the actress will not be detailed "according to the silence of the family".

Since the previous Wednesday (20) she was hospitalized in Clínica São Vicente, in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro.

Cláudia Rodrigues has been struggling with multiple sclerosis since 2000. The disease is autoimmune and degenerative and affects the central nervous system.

With this, the patient loses his ability to control the body. In severe cases, you will lose the ability to walk and talk.

The main symptoms are fatigue, tingling or burning in the extremities, blurred vision, loss of vision and dizziness, increased muscular stiffness and difficulty in finding out.


The most affected by sclerosis are the youngest, especially women aged 20 to 40, according to the Osvaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz).

According to the Ministry of Health, approximately 35,000 people live with a disease in the country, 15,000 are treated (with medication and rehabilitation) in a single health care system.

The cause of the disease was not detected and there is no medicine yet. Treatment aims to reduce the occurrence of outbreaks and severity, to improve the quality of life.


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