A woman who was murdered by Marcelo Pilot in a prison in Paraguay worked on the market


Lidia Meza Burgos, 18, who was killed by drug dealer Marcelo Piloto, was working on a popular market in Asuncion on Saturday at a police station in Paraguay, and returned four months ago from Argentina. Information from the Paraguay newspaper "La NaciĆ³n".

The victim's father, Francisco Meza, told local media that Lidia worked a month ago at Mercado 4. "She is our last daughter, one of the most spoiled," said his father for the Paraguay news channel "C9N".

Meza said that her daughter lived in a dwelling in the area where she worked.

According to ABC Color, Marcelo Piloto met with one of his lawyers in the early hours of Saturday morning. Lidia Meza came to the police house to meet with the Brazilian himself at around 12.00.

Lidia Meza Burgos, 18, visited the Pilot, who for the second time was named leader of the criminal faction Comando Vermelho. At about 1.50, the guard in the ring heard cries from Pilot's cell. As he approached, he found a woman lying on the floor, bloody.

Having reached 16 hits, the victim was solved, but she could not resist. Prosecutor Hugo Volpa answered this question G1, that the crime was "an extreme relationship Pilot to prevent his extradition" to Brazil, where he was already sentenced to 26 years in prison for various crimes.

The delivery of the Pilot was granted on September 30, but he complained and is now being investigated in another case. The Paraguayan authorities believed that they had to return to Brazil later this month.


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