WHO evacucts staff due to uncertainty – The Griot


The World Health Organization (WHO) has evacuated sixteen members of its staff gathered in Benin against the Ebola epidemic in the eastern DRC, where the shell struck the villas occupied by clashes between blue helmets and rebels.

"In the shifts of the fire, the villa received a shell. This was not an intentional attack on the villa," he told reporters dr. Michel Yao, coordinator of Ebola in Benin.

16 of 191 members of the World Health Organization in Benin went to Goma on Saturday to "unveil" and wait for a solution to their housing, according to Mr Yaa, adding that this was the first evacuation, even temporarily, from the outbreak of ebola outbreak On August 1st, in the very dangerous area of ​​Beni.

Last Saturday, the Congolese Ministry of Health reported that the fight after the Ebola epidemic in Benin was temporarily suspended following armed conflicts the previous day, "a few meters from an emergency operating center and hotels in which there are several medical teams.

The Congolese army and the United Nations forces in the Congo have been carrying out a joint military operation with air strikes against Ugandan rebels of the armed ADF group that is spreading terror in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo for several days. election approach on 23 December.

The Congolese health authorities recently announced that 200 deaths were reported in the tenth epidemic of ebola reported in the east of the country, where uncertainty and resilience made the response activity more difficult.

"No other epidemic in the world is as complex as the one we currently live in" in the region of Beni (North Kivu), said the Minister of Health of the Republic of Korea, Ilia Ilga.

The groups responsible for implementing the response "were faced with threats, physical attacks, the resumption of their equipment and abduction," he said.


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