What you need to know about a grape headache


Superior Health: What are the causes of the onset of headaches in the cluster?

Dr. Catherine Roos, Head of the Emergency Center at the Lariboisière Hospital (Paris): It is hypothesized that the hypothalamus is strongly involved in the origin of seizures, because in medical imaging we notice that they are activated, but we do not know everything. There is also a genetic component, but no specific gene has yet been determined. The pain is explained by the activation of the trigeminal nerve on the face. But the name of the disease that comes from its discovery is inappropriate. Although there is certainly a vasodilator dimension, The disease is not a vascular source.

Top Health: What Are Treatments?

Roos: Treatment of first-line attacks involves the injection of drugs from the family of triptans. They act as serotonergic agonists on central neuronal and vascular receptors. Relay or if you have more seizures a day, it is at the site of oxygen therapy. Its mode of action is not known, but it is assumed that after a short vasoconstrictor effect, vasodilatation occurs that would stimulate the neurotransmission of some inhibitors of the attack.

Superior Health: What About Chronic Diseases?

Roos: Studies show that the future is to stop crises as long as possible, basic treatments, such as anti-CGRP antibodies for injection, expected in France in one year. At the neurosurgical level, new neuromodulatory approaches are being developed. They are intended for stimulation of the cervix and stimulation of the sfenopalatin nerve (nerve for the nasal cavity, near the brainstem).


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