These things we did not know about the penis



A person would ejaculate 21 times a month.

Only 6% of men need very large condoms. These unusual and surprising data are included in Great penis books (First).

Journalist Fréde Royer began to collect and report on the biological gems of man. This work has been working for the archivist for several years now. But why the penis? "On the one hand, fifteen years ago, I was a reporter for the magazine

. I held the theme of 'Miss Trick'. I answered questions from readers and a lot of questions about the penis "
tells us. "Then on the first page I wrote a book on the differences between women and men, and I realized that the subject of the penis can be considered in the book."

Recognizing the lack of literature on this subject – "on the penis there were only two or three books, picture books"- he was born a book filled with unknown information.

It is not surprisingly surprising that the most commonly performed research is the male sexual organs How to Extend My Penis? "The size problem has always existed", says the author. "Many companies meet the sale of dreams to men."

To continue with the theme of size, the lowest penis, the longest, 33.02 centimeters, the smallest penis is 0.99 centimeters. "I also noticed that in this area, I am working that in most studies on the size of the penis, men reported their measurements."added Frède Royer. "One study reports the size of the erectile glands found and measured by scientists and found that average scientific sizes are lower."

The size of the fingers would also be a good indicator, the author continues. Just like sexual orientation, which would bring conclusions about the measurement of the gender of a person in front of us.

Fréde Royer advocates relying on a study by the California State University, which was carried out in 1999. It publishes the fact that, on average, a homosexual male penis is longer than 0.84 cm and wider than 0, 38 cm, which is heterosexual.


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