Sunday , April 18 2021

there will be no “vaccine resort” in Dordogne

There will be no “vaccine resort” in Dordogne. The government has announced the opening of these giant vaccination centers, one or two, in each department from the end of the month, but in Dordogne they are not important, prefect Frédéric Périssat assures. “We are in a department where there are no very large agglomerations, Périgueux has 30,000 inhabitants, there is no Bordeaux agglomeration. The government is demanding that the devices be adapted to the needs“.

Vaccinate 7 days a week in the two main centers

If the vaccine is not opened, this does not mean that there will be no more injections in the coming days. Opposite. The prefect wants extends hours and vaccination days at the two main vaccination centers, Périgueux and Bergerac. “The goal would be to work 7 days a week“The Dordogne prefect ensures that there will be no shortage of vaccine doses, but vaccination weapons.

It will not be missing doses, but weapons “Frédéric Périssat

Caregivers called for re-registration for vaccination

The prefect returned to mobilize firefighters, midwives, as well as occupational physicians and MSA. He asks retired carers to approach their orders (pharmacists, doctors, nurses, midwives) to re-register and help with vaccinations.

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