There was too much urine in the pool!



Since Tuesday, the sanitary conditions for the pool in Lessines have not been met, but it is again available to the public

Good news for the swimmers of Magritte. Closed since Tuesday, the common pool is accessible once again, but for how long will it be tempting to write because it has been gathering technical problems for many years. Therefore, local authorities are increasingly considering replacing this old pool with a new water complex that can be financed through a public-private partnership. At the beginning of the week, samples showed an abnormally high urea content in water pools. The fact that some swimmers do not have the courage to relax from the pool in order to alleviate the growing need for a W-C intended for this purpose is clearly not foreign to the deterioration of water quality and sanitation. The maintenance teams had to continue with the chlorine shock in which the pool had to be completed before the new analyzes were carried out. These were good, they decided to reopen the pool.

B. D.


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