Monday , May 17 2021

The French-speaking front came together for the idea of ​​a “covid safe” label

Through Xavier Counasse et (B.Dy, P.Lo., M.Bme et J.Bo.)

Head of Investigation Department

SIf the goal of carte blanche is to spark a debate, Nathan Clumeck, Marius Gilbert and Leila Belkhir can smile. They succeeded in their “coup d’etat.” Their call to adjust to an enviable strategy posted on Monday Evening, reacted on all floors. As a reminder, they want to step out of the yo-yo opening / closing of the blind, by sectors. Instead, establish an individualized approach, from place to place, so that any place that respects the “covid safe” label can remain permanently open. Respecting the type of protocols. To “live despite the virus.”

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