The first video game for the Paralympic Games arrives


Hajima Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV and many other episodes of the license, has just revealed her next video game project: Pegasus Dream Tour. This title is a sporting role that turns out to be the first game to officially represent the Paralympic Games.

When we left the Enix market last November, we had no information on the current Hajime Tabat project. Since then, he has set up his own JP Games studio and finally reveals a project on which designers work.

Pegasus Dream Tour allows players to participate in an alternative and futuristic version of the Paralympic Games. These games take place in the fake metropolis of Pegasus.

The project aims to increase visibility and attract more attention to the Paralympic Games for Tokyo 2020 Games. T

"This is not just a normal sports video game, but we want to contribute to the growth of the Paralympic Games with this video game, not just as a sporting event, but also as a party," Tabata said in a statement issued by the International Paralympic Committee.

"Sports in the Paralympics is remarkable and helps to change the way people look at the disabled, like no other event," said Andrew Parsons, president of the IPC, the International Paralympic Committee.

Pegasus Dream Tour will be available on several platforms, including smartphones. The publication date has not yet been published, but it is almost certain that this would happen before the summer of 2020.


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