Tuesday , September 22 2020
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The American solar sail LightSail 2 has opened up well in space


A month after launching into space, the sunny sails of the US organization Planetary Society took place properly on Tuesday as it circled around the Earth. A solar sink, called LightSail 2, is a small satellite with a square of 32 square meters of a very thin, light and reflective Poylester Mylar, which should allow the camera to move with the simple push of the photons of the Sun. This is an experiment that proves that the technology is ripe.
"The introduction is over!" She said. "The data sent by the aircraft to the ground was confirmed by mechanical action. Photos taken by the probe must be visually confirmed later in the day.
Planner's company, Bill Nye, said last month that solar sails would be no more than a day to "tame" solar energy to "sail between stars."
The solar sail will remain in orbit around the Earth and, if everything goes well, it will gradually increase its height due to the pressure of solar radiation.
What could be used in the future for this solar sail?
Bill Nye explains that it would be helpful to send robotic missions far, far away from our solar system, because the ship, if it is initially slower than if it were equipped with an engine, will continuously accelerate and achieve exceptional speeds.

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