Friday , October 22 2021

Test – LEGO Harry Potter Collection: The compilation is a bit casual


With the release of the second part of Fantastic Animals, Warner Bros. Games saw a fantastic opportunity to get out of the closet one of the oldest parts of the LEGO franchise.

Lego Harry Potter was among the first adaptations of the movie to the video games brought by Traveler's Tales. Seven years after release, Warner Broshes plays by delivering a remaster to Xbox One and Switch. Time is perfect: another part of fantastic animals will be released in Belgium in a few days …

But this is not quite the first. Last year Warner Bros. handed over the compilation of both franchise episodes to PS4. Many were also those who were surprised to see this compilation land just on the PS4 at the time …

Accessionally, the Warner Bros approach does not remain completely logical. On the one hand, because poppers are popular. In recent months, we have seen the transformation of the PlayStation classic, as well as newer and lesser-known games. We are specially thinking of the Rogue Troopers remake. On the other hand, because the Fantastic Animals 2 series is an excellent opportunity for the publisher to come from his collection from the collection that combines the episode "Flights 1 to 4" and the episode "Years 5 to 7", which covers the whole scenario presented in movies.

However, it's hard to support the Warner Bros strategy, which multiplies the release of LEGO episodes at an impressive speed, without bothering to re-think about the mechanisms of your game. Posted 7 years ago, the first part is very bad old and unfortunately there are not a few small drops that will hide the destruction of time. Visually, the game does not really respect the platform. However, the merit remains very fluid, even in nomadic mode on the Switch.

Another major drawback of this compilation: if the life of the game is huge, those who have touched the latest franchise opus can be shocked by the simplicity of the orders and the repeatability of the campaigns. A very conductor, the game replaces the sequence of the game by connecting puzzles, fights and mini games. The problem is that if the title is quite respectable to the original material, playing is very easy and LEGO Harry Potter does not have all the riches of variations of the superhero sauce. In addition to Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione will be able to play. If everyone has their own strengths and abilities, the variety is not as impressive as in versions with Marvel or DC sauce.

But the game is still nice. Once again we walk along the long corridors of Hogwarts, this is a pleasure we will never suffer, especially since the activities will take place from a study of the quidditch lessons. Part of this is humor, which is an integral part of the LEGO productions. As far as audio recordings are concerned, it combines all the tracks on the soundtrack of the movie.


Always so appealing, the LEGO Harry Potter universe has gone bad, both in terms of graphics and gaming. The game mechanics is outdated and LEGO Harry Potter barely compared to the latest games of the series published in the store. Warner Bros has just done some small events for this collection, which combines two parts of the franchise and covers the entire saga, from the first to the seventh film. Repeating, the game is no less pleasant for browsing the rich world and imaginative humor. Given the enormous lifetime of the game, buyers will, in any case, largely have their money. We would still like that developers tend to look at game mechanisms in order to provide the real remake instead of reissuing on the console of the latest generation …

LEGO collection Harry Potter

+ +:

  • Gigantic lifespan
  • Go back to Harry Potter's universe
  • Really original material
  • All music of the movie
  • LEGO humor

– –

  • He did not feel visually visually
  • It stalls again in new products
  • Late edition on Switch and Xbox
  • Price too high (40 €)
  • Playing that was bad was bad

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