Tennis: The Zverev Territory of Djokovic gets his best title with the masters


Tennis: The Zverev Territory of Djokovic gets his best title with the masters

German player Alexander Zverev met with Serbian Novak Djokovic in the Masters Finals on November 18, 2018 in London Glyn KIRK

German Alexander Zverev won the prestigious title of his young career on Sunday, finishing 6-4, 6-3 in the finals of the Masters in London. 1 Novak Djokovic, who was very popular.

Driven from the beginning of the summer and untouchable so far in London, "Djoko" of this time could not be mastered by the German counterfeit, who was pushing the Swiss Roger Federer the previous day. Zverev, who will succeed Bulgaria's Grigor Dimitrov, will finish the year in the fourth place at 21st.

Becomes the youngest player to win the Masters Tournament from a particular … Djokovic (in Shanghai in 2008). He also imitates the performance of his new coach, Ivan Lendl, who in 1982 won the first of five masters.

"Thanks to Ivan to join the team, I feel that it works very well for a moment and I hope to stay that way," said a very slim Zverev after the victory. "No one sees this, no doubt, but I'm actually muscular! I was even more vitky than I am now – can you believe it?" She entertained a London audience of a player who quickly wiped out his trophy for fear of cramps.

At the highest level, the German acknowledged the expectations he scored after finishing fourth in Roland Garros after the disappointing Grand Slam season.

Although on Wednesday in a common phase drastically defeated the same Djokovic, Alexander Zverev played without reservations, helped by a job that gave him a lot of points (10 aces, 72% of the first balls).

"You played better than in the group and earned your victory," Novak Djokovic admitted to court. "You are young, but you have had an outstanding career so far and I wish you the best in the future".

In addition to the members of Big 4 (Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, followed by Murray), Zverev is the only active player who has won at least three Masters 1000 events (Madrid 2018, Toronto and Rome in 2017).

– "Beautiful Comeback" –

In the final, two players first ranked in the first group of very high levels before the German took over the dominance of world number 1, which made some mistakes and approaches that they did not know for several months.

At 4-4, after multiple mistakes, the Serb was broken for the first time at the tournament. The prize, which the Slovenian London audience praised for honest value, then then aroused noisy language in the young German language. The latter then simply closed the circle at work.

After the first break, breaks in the second set "Djoker" seemed physically worn out, inspired by the opponent in full success: it shows that this flap collapsed 1-1, which enabled Zverev to take the third place in the service of the Serb. The German even offered the luxury of the last break in the last match of the match, concluded with a great loss before he crashed on the ground, his face stuck in the yard.

For the Serb who was looking for the sixth title of the masters, this second finale was lost in succession after the Masters 1000 in Paris, but it will surely have a bitter taste, as it seemed a slice of opponents throughout the London week.

Nevertheless, his defeat will not erase his brilliant second half of the season. In the six months of the circuit at the end of 2017, which it operated in February, "Djoker" dropped to 22nd in May.

But the start of the summer began fantastic, including Wimbledon and the US Open, his 13th and 14th Grand Slam titles. This route enabled him to return his throne only two years after he left it.

"If we put things into perspective, it was an extraordinary year, with a wonderful return," Nole said after the game, thanks to his team.


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