Stadia, Google streaming games without the necessary console


Google has officially unveiled its new platform for streaming the Stadia game, running on almost any screen without the necessary console.

However, this is a launching of the streaming service only for video games that will work on all Chromecast-equipped computers, Chrome-enabled computers, and Google Pixel devices. You can not download games to your devices, simply play them over Wi-Fi.

The product, similar to Netflix, is called Stadia (this is the "crowd" of the stadium) and is due to begin later this year with well-known titles, including "Assassins Creed Odyssey" and special YouTube features. Even without the console, Google could deal with leaders the games industry of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Google announced its big effort in the game last Tuesday when it was presented at the annual San Francisco Game Developers Conference.

Before the conference, the corporate game manager met with CNN Business to discuss a highly secretive project whose code name would be called "Yeti" and give us a practical presentation.

"There have been many speculations that we will create a console, but this is not part of our strategy; we want to be totally agnostic on the screen," said Phil Harrison, vice president and director. general Google. Business CNN. "We do not want players to spend hundreds of dollars, sometimes even thousands of dollars in order to create a gaming platform at home. "

Streaming services, such as Spotify, Hulu, Netflix and Apple Music, have taken control of movies, television and music, but games are mostly blocked due to high processing power and bandwidth An internet visitor is required. Games must address the current response times, and even a semi-official pause for serious players may be unacceptable. Steam Game has some streaming features, but you usually have to download the game to your gaming device.

Some details, such as exact prices and certain availability dates, are not yet known, but we have collected all the details mentioned in the GDC speech for you, so let's see.

Get to know Stadia

In case you are not aware, Stadia takes the last year's Project Stream test, which Google estimates as an exceptional success. In fact, Stadia Project Stream, which provides similar game streaming services, but bigger, better and more features.

Like Project Stream, Stadia will allow you to play AAA games with very high settings, elegant, smooth picture speeds and up to 4K resolution – at least for starters. This works remotely, and the actual game is hosted on Google's remote servers as it is played back in your home. All this also comes without major investments in specialized gaming equipment.

In fact, Google's streaming services, such as OnLive, Nvidia or Sony, are available on the equipment more and more cost-effective.

Success destroys the console

Especially you do not need special equipment at home to take advantage of the Stadia. The streaming platform supports the Google Chrome browser as you might expect from Stream's inheritance, but Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) also mentioned other platforms, including Pixel's company's devices, which intend to support more browsers and platforms over time. "We are really committed to bringing technology to everyone," Sundar said in his speech.

The company was able to make a Stadie test live between the main headline on Chromebook, Pixel, desktop and Chromecast. Therefore, these platforms are at least supported. You will not need to buy an expensive gaming computer or even a console to use Stadia.

When Stadia is introduced, it will support up to 4K resolutions, with accessories such as HDR and surround sound. The 8K support is finally planned and the Google platform presents itself as flexible enough to provide unexpected changes to support future requirements and features.

Google data centers have been expanded to provide an enhanced experience for even the most demanding games, including new hardware in these data centers. The Stadia Stack, published on the website, includes a custom x86 processor with a x86 processor, a customized AMD graphics card (estimated at 10.7 teraflops), 16 GB of RAM, and a solid-state SSD.

Google grants a "single primer" of its hardware Stadia about twice as fast as the current game console and can exceed this for better performance. The company believes that its powerful distributed network infrastructure can improve volume and provide less latency experience.

Head of Stadia
Head of Stadia

Google also revealed the already published Stadia controller, who works with Stadio, although we know very little about this. The Stadio's controller works on Wi-Fi and connects to the Google data center network in the same place as the game. Google claims to be able to identify the screen that you intend to use it automatically, but this mechanism is not described. It has a catch button and the Google Assistant button – more about both later.

Hardware and software partners include AMD, Unity, CryEngine and Havok. Sam Stadia, sniffed into the Google Data Center recesses, runs Linux.

Immediate access, paradise moves

The service provides almost instant access in less than 5 seconds, without updates, downloads or installation process. This is "immediately enjoyment, with access for all," to use Sundar words. A "full multiplayer game" will be set up, which will be incorporated by game developers into its products.

The company claims it is safe from fraud and hacking, which is a claim. Allegedly, if you do not have access to hardware or software, the work will be at least a bit harder – even if it can kill support mode, unless developers include this feature in the game itself.

Integration with Google Assistant is planned through the Stadia control button and displays the results. So, if you need help, you can. (Google probably does not consider this cheating.)

Instead of sending videos to your dad players, Stadia will allow you to share the right moment with something called "State Sharing", which allows your friends to see the moment in real time in the engine. They will not watch the video, they will only watch the game.

Concurrent resources on YouTube are supported directly from Google's data centers, making Stadia a powerful synergy for Twitch streaming types. They will be able to capture, improve and share their game directly from Stadia, reduce the challenges and demands of future creators. A feature called "Crowd Play" allows viewers to even join gaming with servers – this will definitely be fine.

Google as a game developer

Stadia is not only a hardware or streaming solution, it is also a platform for developing games that provides developers with additional tools that can bring unique new features. This includes things like separate screen games without punishing performance, as well as other effective "camera" features for unique matching and gaming. Google has announced potential benefits, such as multi-player games for more than 1,000 people; a feat undertaken by Stadia's extreme scalability.

"Our goal is to make Stadia the most flexible development environment that has ever been created," said Majd Bakar, Head of Engineering at Stadia.

If we want to develop developers' efforts for Stadia as a platform, Google intends to create our own gaming studio: Stadia Games and Entertainment. Who else can better display the features of the new platform than the people who created it? Google will also offer development resources and support to companies interested in creating games for the platform. Interested developers can quickly log in to the developer's website.

All we do not know

The stadium will start in 2019, although a certain date has not yet been fixed. Availability will first be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and parts of Europe. More details will come in summer. We do not know too many startup titles, although ID predicted that Doom Eternal will come to Stadia at 4K with HDR at 60 fps, and Google has created the impression that RiME can be supported.

Prices, compatible games, and a complete list of platforms supported by Stadia at the launch have yet to be determined.

Interested parties can view the entire Keynote below:

If it seems that viewing the entire Google presentation is not the best use of your time – well, you should sit and discuss your priorities in life – Google has also prepared a shorter list of highlights that describes today's news:


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