Thursday , July 29 2021

Prince Laurent expresses his relationship with King Philippe when he sent his mail to Charles Michel


Prince Laurent said in a statement on Saturday that he had told Belga that "there was no dispute with HM King's brother about the mail sent by the prince to the Prime Minister on January 24th".

The Prince responded to an article in which he reported on a dispute with the king after sending a letter to the Prime Minister requesting that the government defree Libyan assets that are subject to international sanctions. "This letter refers exclusively to the prince, and, contrary to what the article says, among other inaccuracies he did not even have an interview with HM King," the prince said in his statement. "HRH Prince Laurent regrets that in other media, without a verification, a press article was published that was advertised and misleading".

In a letter sent to the prime minister, King's brother claims to be the victim of "discrimination" and is particularly targeted at Foreign Minister Didier Reynders. The Prince has tried, for many years, to execute the judgment in Brussels, which he pronounced in his favor in 2014, in the file relating to the State of Libya. Some millions of euros would be endangered in an exceptional afforestation operation in Libya, in which the Prince GSDT was involved.

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