Saturday , July 24 2021

Photovoltaics: "no boards" will have to pay 16 to 29 euros a year more

The Cwape Walloon Energy Regulator has prepared its calculations: the exemption of the network tariff for photovoltaic holders will cost nearly 60 million euros annually for "no boards."

The tube between the Walloon Energy Minister, Jean-Luc Crucke (MR) and the sector regulator (la Cwape) promises to be tough. The one who's angry? "Consumer Tariff". From January 2020, Cwape wants to change the pricing rules for electricity distribution. Objective: to make the tariff more fair, with photovoltaic panel owners better contributing to network costs. This means that sign-holders will have to pay for the network as soon as they draw power from it. No discount is possible when the meter is turned upside down.

However, Minister Crucka does not want to hear about this new tariff. Therefore, it has just accepted – at first reading – the draft regulation to forgive 150,000 Walloon households with boards. Only those who will install signs in July 2019 will be subject to "consumer rates". What the regulator turned off … It must be said that he has just completed his new rates for the period 2019-2023. And they included the famous "tariff prosumer". "Revenue generated after 2020, after using consumer prices, is estimated at € 59 million a year"explains Antoine Thoreau, director at Cwape. A new financial unexpected, which lowers the price of "no plates" from 16 to 29 euros per year, according to data provided by Cwape.

16 to 29 euros per year

But that was before Minister Crucke got messed up. If the $ 59 million exemption project is successful, this amount will need to be paid in a "no-plate" pocket. Who will have to pay 16 to 29 euros a year. This would mean a change in tariffs for network operators that have just been approved.

The regulator does not intend to let this happen. "Our desire is always to realize this tariff from 2020, especially since it has already been confirmed by the Court of Cassation, that it is being promoted by Europe, and that it has been introduced in other regions. We are confident that these elements will enable the government to re-examine its decision .Stephane Renier, president of Cwape. And if Jean-Luc Crucke insists? "Then Cwape will have to challenge this measure before the Constitutional Court because the regulator has exclusive competence in the field of tariffs". Heats up …

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