News in the box: The 10 most important news of the Xbox on March 18 | Xbox One


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A week marked by predictions between the GDC 2019. Among Google, which begins to fight with its new "Stadia" offer and Microsoft, it concretizes with the introduction of developers with tools that will allow their games to be downloaded to the mobile, without forgetting a number of predictions developers … we do not know how to be born, that's the least we can say. The topics that attracted you this week include Sea of ​​Thieves, The Division 2, and Battlefront II as well as the Xbox / Switch matching state. But the one who gets all the votes is undoubtedly our contest to win one-month subscription to the Xbox Game Pass (there are still some, so get together!). By the way, you noticed: Apex Legends is no longer in Top 10 … A sign that the beginning of the battle failed to seduce players.

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We are regularly talking about the Xbox Game Pass on Xboxygen and we offer you the opportunity to renew the one-month subscription codes for the new subscriber service today, in cooperation with Xbox! Follow the instructions, this is very simple. […]

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As it was announced that the sea of ​​thieves is on March 20, Rare reveals a really big update to the beginning of the year. Appointment on April 30 to discover the great news in the game, which will certainly not be the same as those we knew! […]

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It took almost a year since we are talking about the Xbox One 100% dedicated to dematerialized gaming, and it seems that things are getting closer to packaging consoles today. […]

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Yesterday, Nintendo announced the arrival of the Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch. First, the exclusive Xbox One, the StudioMDHR game, will finally enter the Nintendo console next month at a price of 19.99 €. And we need to expect other posts of the same kind. […]

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An inevitable weekend event that every Xbox fan should read (and recheck) every week: Weekly press releases that were spotted through a friend's sharp feather. […]

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If you were this morning on your console, you surely saw that the maintenance was done for section 2. Ubisoft planned to maintain 3 hours of play to make a small update, which is here detail. And do not forget the Guide to the Dark Zone of the Division 2! […]

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This weekly conference of game developers is, as expected, rich in new information. After publishing Google Stadia (which raises interesting questions), its competitor xCloud, a platform for streaming Xbox video games, spoke today. […]

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Firestorm, Battle Battle Royale Battlefield V is scheduled for next Monday and if you can not wait to get it, here's a 10 minute video of this new gameplay game for the Battlefield franchise. […]

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Despite the polemics of Star Wars Battlefront IIne, it stops growing. A community that is loyal to the game will soon be able to try a new way from March 26th. […]

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After the announcement of the Stack game that brings Xbox Live to third-party platforms, Microsoft released Playfab Party in all discretion. The purpose of this tool is to provide a ready-made solution for developers who want to include more players in their creation. […]


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