New twist: Laeticia Hallyday can turn



This was explained by the relative of the file.

Laeticia Hallyday faced a big backlog a few days ago. American justice last week decided not to transfer the assets of the singer to American confidence, which allowed him to remove two children, David and Laura. If this is good news for them, the lawyer of David Hallyday preferred to remain cautious. "
My client has remained modesthe said.
We do not want to beat the victory too quickly, but it gives us hope".

Laeticia is meanwhile "
very upset"But the decision that both sides are waiting for is the decision of the Nanterre court, which will fall in a few days. This is probably crucial in the case of the heritage of youth.

But the judgment of American justice would have hit the singer's widow to the point where she would now consider negotiating with the two children of the star if it was raised by the right. "It's very likely," said one close to the file.

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