Monday , March 8 2021

Friendship, competition, future projects … Winner of the best chef boss (video)

Monday evening is the winner of this seventh season of the best cook chef. We met him for a small interview "hot".

This is over, Ludovic won 7th placee season of the best pastry chef after 3 very tight tests against Charles and Valerian. He told us an interview in which he entrusted his friendship with three finalists, especially with the Belgian, Valerian. He also mentioned his future plans: will he stop teaching?

Among the three finalists, it seemed that the deal was really good. That was so?

"I was very pleased to be finishing with Charles and Valerian, who are good confectioners and are good friends, but we still have 10 weeks of evidence, so we obviously are creating links. We came to the tent for the last 3 events of this conference , we all said: we all won because we came to the end of the competition. In this season, we will meet 30 cakes and suddenly, we will show everything we could do, and then the best man wins, but this is not such a disappointment that we already so we were surprisingly less stressed than before. There is no longer stress of elimination, so it's still calming, we were happy to give it, even if friends were still missing at the beginning".

We saw that you are quite close to a Belgian candidate, Valerian, a friend?

"We've shared so many things under the peak!" The moment we avoided droppings, I also experienced a moment of despair, but also an unforgettable laugh. And then, Valerian, she was a little spoiled because she was the last woman in the competition, but I really faced her: this is my big sister in her heart. we have a special connection, that is, we have both taught and implicitly creates some kind of proximity because we are recognized in the values ​​of transmission and exchange. to say that others do not have them, but with us, it's more than obvious because it's carrying our profession. "

What are your future projects? Will you stay in teaching?

"I'm thinking about this, I'm not sure I want to stay in the teaching of 100%. After that, it's still the work I live in and love to share, exchange, send … So I do not want to give up this aspect, and then I want to put in the cakes and say to myself that there is something that could be done on the edge of the transfer and the baking, there may be a way to create a project around it. "

* What do you prefer in MP?

* And what's your least favorite? Or what specifically emphasized you?

* What makes us feel when Siril Lignac tells us in the final: "Maybe you were right?" (proof of the restoration of an apple of love, a sugar dome that you decided not to place it on)

* In a competition like this, are we learning new things? Did any advice specifically affect you?

* How did you feel about a cookie like Pierre Hermé?

* Do you have cakes?

* What do you like most about eating and eating?

* Soon Christmas, how will your Holiday Dessert look like?

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