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For the hospital Gien and her maternity, the future is clear

It is very clear, this was a matter of life and death for the supply of supplies in Gien and in particular for motherhood: it was found that the solution to the departure of the Ramsay Générale de Santé private group, the owner of the Jeanne d 'Arc de Gien Clinic, was found. Nearly ten years ago, the Dezarnaulds Clinic and hospital center united their activities in the same city, at the request of the Regional Health Agency. But since then Ramsay General Health Group, a leader in the private health sector (This is the first group owned by a clinic and private hospital in France), he no longer wants his clinic in Gien.

We are completely relieved, this is clear, without the operating room, the hospital center was endangered

The options were quite limited: Ramsay Générale de Santé resigned his clinic or left. in if he left, he took away the only hospital in the hospital from the state hospitalbecause the clinic Jeanne d 'Arc kept the operation. The hospital center uses it in case of emergency, especially for motherhood. Because the maternity ward is not allowed to operate without an operating room nearby. The threat was serious, Christian Bouleau, Mayor of Giena, is therefore pleased that a Memorandum of Understanding has been adopted : "that we were relieved, without a surgical room, there was a serious danger to the hospital, and especially to motherhood, so that, it blows, that's for sure".

We expect LRA approvals within a month or two

Since the agreement on the transfer of clinic activities to the CHR in Orleans must be enabled to maintain all the activities of the Joan of Arc Clinic on siteunder the direction of a public hospital. Olivier Boyer, director of CHR Orleans, was in charge of managing negotiations that lasted for several years. "Today most of the problems have been resolved" is provided by Olivier Boyer. "The Regional Health Agency should delegate the mandate of the clinic to CHRO, in a month or two, if everything goes well". Actually The Orléans hospital is largely responsible for the care of Gienunder the auspices of the GHT, the Loiret Hospital Group.

It could improve the examination and treatment of certain types of cancer on the spot

With this recovery he hopes to develop this offer, as it will balance the budget of the institution. "We should improve the examination of some types of cancer here in Gien, offer patients on-the-spot treatment, even if _radiotherapy and surgery for most cancers will remain in Orléans and Montargis_" explains Olivier Boyer. The director of CHR Orleans has also established a better cooperation between doctors of the city and the hospital center, "there is a lot of patient leakage to other areas, we need to fix this".

Over 800 deliveries per year at the Gien Maternity Hospital

Among the most important issues of this agreement is the future of Gien's motherhood, which has been the only one in the sector since the closure of Cosne sur Loire in Niue in 2017 and has been implementing over 800 shipments per year. If a private group with Jeanne d & # 39; Arc is left without a solution, it would be seriously endangered. "We are working at the end of these negotiations for a long time and I am optimistic that the mother of Gien should preserve his operating room and his permission to operate" is provided by Olivier Boyer.

Doctors in the clinic want to keep overdraft fees, a derogation from the state is needed, but it is in a good way

But it was not easy to negotiate all this, especially with doctors of the clinic, thirty years. They are liberal doctors and they are not hospitable. CHR in Orleans have been signed by all new contracts, but will maintain their status as private doctors. By exceeding the fees that go with it, and this is one of the remaining issues, as the state will have to grant a derogation for a public hospital, for granting overpayment of the fees of their doctors. On the right path, says Christian Bouleau: "the file is at the table of the Minister of Health, it should lead". Also, all the staff of the clinic will return back, there are a hundred employees.

The second issue to be solved is the issue of renting a building

Another point, very technical, but with significant financial contributions, has not yet been solved: transfer of the Joan of Arc Clinic to the CHR in Orléanswho will pay the rent. This should be negotiated between the Ramsay General Health Group and the owner of the premises. At this point, Christian Bouleau, mayor of Giena, is self-confident and remembers all this The issue of supplying a genius supply is jeopardized.

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