Edouard Philippe does not change the "cape", but promises results


November 18, 2018

The government "does not change the course", the day after the mobilization of nearly 290,000 "yellow chest" throughout France. On Sunday, Sunday night, 20h, in France 2, Edouard Philippe responded to the present and explained that he "heard the anger", but also "suffer" these French. He regretted the "scenes of anarchy", which he considered to have caused a heavy human toll (1 death and more than 400 wounded) and accuse the "obscene behavior" of politicians who joined the processions.

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Thanks to protests, the Prime Minister repeated: "Yes, the carbon footprint we have set up will be retained." In other words, there is no doubt about the rebound in fuel taxes, in particular the tax on diesel fuel, which will gradually adjust to the prices of gasoline. Edouard Philippe defended this measure, which ensured that he would not "only be in charge of the French", but because in 2017 Emanuel Macron promised a campaign. He also said he opposed running a "cigzagging government" because the circumstances are changing. "Of course it is good" and "we will stick with it," he decided.

The Prime Minister promises "results" by the end of the five-year period

In response, Edouard Philippe insisted on the fact that at the end of the 50s, the commitments proposed by En Marche – "reforming the work", "reducing the compulsory benefits" and "fixing the country" would take place. The Prime Minister promises "results", visible to all French in 2022. "They want more support in everyday life, we will do it," he promised.

Like Edouard Philippe, several ministers reaffirmed this position all day long. The government sounds a "fiscal fall," but its "duty" is to transform the economy to be less dependent on oil, and in particular, he advocated Gerald Darmanin, the Minister for Action and Public Accounts. The "planned move" on ecological taxation will therefore continue, and his colleague on the Ecological Transition, François de Rugy, also urged "to do a lot of pedagogy" and multiply the "direct contacts" of members of the government with the French.

I am not sure that the "yellow vests" have been mobilized on Saturday and for a small part of them still on Sunday, it is not happy with this answer by the executive. The issue of the continuation of the movement remains wide open.


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