DRK: In the pictures, the last malamans of six Malawi peacekeepers were killed in Benin


On Saturday, November 17, 2018, on Saturday, November 17, 2018, on Saturday, 2018, on Saturday, 2018, the body of the six Malawian peacekeepers killed by rebels in the ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) in Benin (Northern Kivu). At the headquarters of the mission, a solemn ceremony was held in memory of the victims. In the presence of Sokola 1, the commander of the operation, General Marcel Mbangu and the commander of the MONUSCO Intervention Brigade, General Patrick Dube.

Six numbered cadets deployed for bodies of six peacekeepers who were executed between the common FARDC and the UN forces against the ADF operation in Bena. A honorable peace honor is also to salute the memory of the unhappy.
the body of blue helmets died
The sixth body, leaning on catapults, pictures of blue caques embellish the UN baptismal plaque.
blue helmets
In the tent, General Marcel Mbangu, commander of Operation Sokol 1, and Patrick Dube, commander of the Monusca Intervention Brigade, with other military officers.
blue helmets
Malawian peacekeepers who are heavily affected pay their last respect to their comrades who have fallen to the battlefield.

blue helmets
South African blue helmet, a member of the Intervention Brigade laid a wreath of flowers in honor of his dead colleagues.
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<figcaption>Malawian peacekeepers transport the body of one of their numbers to the truck before going to the Maviva Airport to return to their homeland (Malawi).</figcaption></figure>
<p>  While the United Nations predicted the death of seven peacekeepers (six Malawians and Tanzania), six bodies were honored Saturday before surrendering to Malawi. </p>
<p dir="Seven peacekeepers have died in joint operations with the FARDC, including six males and tanzania, while ten peacekeepers have been wounded in operations and taken care of locally but can be evacuated, in case of need", said on Thursday NEWS.CD, Florence Marchal, a spokeswoman for the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Photo by Yassin Kombi from Bena


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