Thursday , July 29 2021

Climate disturbs election campaign in Flanders: CD & V accuses young protesters of being manipulated

The climate is one of the main themes of the campaign for the upcoming regional, federal and European elections in May. In Flanders, it seems that the topic is very irritating. The controversy prompted the Flemish Environment Minister, CD & V members to resign. Today, his party's president accuses young climate protesters of being "manipulated" from the far left.

Resignation of Joke Schauvliege, Minister of the Environment, by lies

In Leuven, there were 10,000 students on Thursday. This week in Flanders, the climate pushed young people down the street and the minister to the exit door. "I hope that the work that has begun will soon be continued. That's why it's better for me to resign, and climate policy can go on without being able to set them.Jove Schauvliege said when he resigned as the Flemish Minister for the Environment.

The minister lied to the audience of farmers who claimed to have information from state security. She claimed that the student movement would be infiltrated, so that the mobilization would take place. Obviously, farmers' lobbies had to be reconciled.

The president of his party, CD & V, continues accusations of manipulation

This Saturday morning, on the first page of Morgen, his party president, CD & V Wouter Beke, goes in the same direction. "The extreme left diverted the movement for the climate"She says," she says later on the founder of the Flemish Side Movement: "It's no secret that Greenpeace advises Anuna De Wever when she goes to TV", he says again.

A political scientist with the Université Saint-Louis and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) makes his analysis. "There is still little debate on this climate change. The CD & V, which, according to these statements, is Joke Schauvliege in difficulty, tries to continue with it"says Dave Sinardet.

Political Flanders split up before the climate law proposed by ecologists

Political Flanders is divided. On the one hand, N-VA defends what it calls "eco-realism", sometimes referred to as climate-skeptical. On the other hand, Groen and this climate change account with Ecol is submitted on Thursday in Parliament. A proposal that takes the Walloon side, but does not convince many people in Flanders.

"I am not convinced that specific climate legislation is the right solution. An institutional debate on skills will openWouter Beke, CD & V President, during the debate.

"It is clear that we do not support this new law, because this law is almost empty. We are very ambitious about climate, we need to develop measures in different sectors, in different parts of our society"Philippe De Backer (Open VLD, Flemish Liberals), Federal Minister for Telecommunications, on the RTL INFO microphone.

Like N-VA, open VLD and CD & V are against the Climate Act, unlike the French-speaking MEPs, who are mostly for. "In Flanders, there are really stronger positions, especially between N-VA on the one hand and Groen on the other. And traditional customers who find it hard to try to get into this debate. In any case, we are very careful not to give gifts to other customers. And because this climate law was considered Groen's initiative, it was quite predictable that other parties would not be prepared for it."says Dave Sinardet.

We are all aware that the climate is probably the main topic of the election campaign. And none of the big parties wants to let voters vote.

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