Saturday , July 24 2021

At the age of 97, Prince Philip terminated his driving license after an accident

He injured the driver who was with the child in the car.

Prince Philip, the 97-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II, decided to give up his driving license after he was involved in a collision which left one injured at the end of January.

"After a long reflection, the Duke of Edinburgh decided to voluntarily renounce a driving license", she said the palace.

The accident took place on January 17 near the Royal estate in Sandringham, where Elizabeth and Philip spend most of the winter. The mighty Land Rover Freelander, led by the prince, came out of the driveway to enter the road, hit Kio and rolled over.

The prince escaped from the accident. The driver Kia had a knee, the passenger Emma Fairweather had a broken wrist and the child on his back was not damaged. Fairweather complained last week of a Sunday mirror that she had not received an apology from the prince.

Ten days after the accident, Prince Philip, who was strongly criticized by the media for not apologizing immediately, finally wrote a letter to Emma Fairweather, in which he told himself. "Deeply sorry"

The 97-year-old prince, known for his wildfire and corrosive humor, stepped out of public service in August 2017.

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