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April Snow: Is It So Exceptional?

Don’t be light in April“As the saying goes. And the last few days seem to prove that now is not necessarily the time to put your winter clothes in the closet until next season. April is a month of transition in which the seasons of Temperature can reach summer as well as winter values.

In the fourth month of the year, it’s no wonder that winter on heavy snow, when we thought it was dead, could spectacularly present itself at our doorstep. In general, there is the greatest chance of snow in early April.

Usually in Hautes Fagnes, everywhere else exceptional

Pascal Mormal, a meteorologist from IRM, says the presence of snow in the center of the country is remarkable in April. “Absolutely speaking, the snowfall in April is not exceptional. However, in the north, the Sambre et Meuse furrow is still much rarer.“, he points out.

Especially since beyond the melt of snow that makes the “flotch flotch” appear under our shoes is the real white carpet that appears behind the windows of many Belgians. “If you notice slush, it happens pretty regularly, confirms the meteorologist. But the snow should stick to the ground and in addition to causing significant accumulation, as it was yesterday and today, it is still remarkable. You can almost say remarkable.

Second record for the center of the country

Snow in April is therefore completely normal. On the other hand, the amounts of snow we observe in the center of the country are those that characterize spirits. Pascal Mormal even mentions another record they’ve ever recorded: “We can talk about a phenomenon that is almost exceptional considering the measured depths of snow.

This Tuesday morning in Uccle, it calls for 9 inches of snow depth. We are in second place in terms of the highest thicknesses measured in Brussels. You should know that the record on April 12, 1913 was 10 cm. On days when snow lingers on the ground in Uccle, it’s something pretty rare in April! It only happened five or six times in the 20th century“, specifies.

Some historical dates in Belgium

  • The April 25, 1903we measured 31 cm in Francorchamps and 40 cm in Hautes Fagnes and in the Saint Hubert region.
  • The April 12, 1913, most of the country was covered in snow. We measured 10 cm in Uccle, which was the record we set for this station in April.
  • The April 12, 1924, in Tillet we measure 20 cm, and in Chiny 10 cm.
  • The April 7, 1935, 35 cm is recorded in Drossart in Hertogenwald.
  • In 1970, we measured another 30 cm in Botrange from 7 to 9 April. The snow will last until April 15.
  • The April 5, 1975, in Botrange we measure an exceptional snow depth of 55 cm.
  • In 1979, winter is constantly dragging on. On April 6, we still record 18 cm in Saint Hubert and 22 cm in Mont Rigi.
  • The April 20, 1980, the snow invites you to the path of the classic cyclist Liège-Bastogne-Liège. An epic race interrupted by a snowstorm, won by Bernard Hinault.
  • The April 29, 1985, 12 cm of snow covers Saint Hubert. On the ridges of Hautes Fagnes we measure between 20 and 25 cm.
  • The April 15, 1999, snow covers a good part of Wallonia.
  • The April 27 and 28, 2016, the snow in Haute-Fagnes reached 16 cm.

Five years ago

The last episode is from 2016, when we witnessed a wonderful 16 cm snow episode in the last days of April on Mount Riga. Pascal Mormal tells us that the phenomenon is comparable to the current situation: “At that time, it is interesting to note that a week before that we had spring temperatures exceeding 20 degrees, and even there we switched from spring situations to winter conditions in a few days. This is somehow true for the moment from last week, in the Liege region we recorded temperatures up to 26.8 degrees and for Uccle 23.9 degrees.

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