A violent fire in a building in Perwez


Walloon Brabant

In the night time from Sunday to Monday, in a residential building in Perwez, we learned from the Walloon Brabant Relief Zone.

The Brabant firefighters in the barracks of Jodoigny and their colleagues Gembloux and Eghezée were invited to intervene on Monday at about 00:25 in the building located at Grand-Place Perwez. The fire has just declared a reason to be fixed in the basements of pizzerias located on the ground floor. The fire then spread to the floor of the building.

Four people had to be rescued, including a man who was seriously injured. Because of serious burns, he was transferred to a specialized hospital center. Two other passengers in the building were slightly damaged, especially vapor-controlled. The fourth ran away without harm. The dogs also extinguished the flames. Damage is very important.


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