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9 new indigenous examples of dengue grapes in Mayott


Aedes albopictus, which carries dengue and chikungunya
(Photo: ARS OI)

"Dengue dengue continues to intensify in Mayott." Last week, from 15 to 21 July, nine new domestic cases of dengue fever were reported in the department, mostly in the Mamoudzou neighborhoods. Because of the high epidemic risk, a total mobilization of all actors and The health authorities call upon the Mahoraja to maintain their vigilance and actively participate in the fight against mosquitoes by using preventive measures: remove water containers around their home, protect themselves from mosquito bites and, if necessary, consult a doctor. The occurrence of symptoms of the disease.

The epidemiological situation of July 23, 2019

Since the beginning of 2019, 65 cases of dengue threat have been reported in the territory of which only 8 are imported. In some municipalities on the island, there have been several individual cases, but most of the reported cases are grouped together in the neighborhoods of Mamoudzou: M & # 39; Tsapere, Doujani and Cavani.

In order to strengthen mobilization to limit the risk of development towards the epidemic, the Indian Ocean ARS was launched on 2 July 2019 at the level 2A of the arboviroses plan (2A = identification of moderate autochthonous viral circulation: the appearance of one or more groups of cases or sporadic cases).

The vector control services of the ARS OI are systematically and reactive in the districts where the reported cases are resident in order to:

– eliminate the breeding sites, t

– Insecticide treatment in homes

– Look for other examples in the family circle and neighborhood.

Dry season is a factor that can currently limit disease progression due to a lower density of mosquito vector vectors, but prevention measures are essential for the protection themselves.

In case of symptoms, contact your doctor immediately!

If symptoms occur (high fever, headache, pain in the muscles and / or joints, feeling very tired), it is recommended that you consult your doctor immediately and continue to protect you from mosquito bites to avoid the transmission of disease to those around you ourselves.

ARS Dengue Prevention Campaign

This consultation will confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever or direct research into other diseases.

In the case of suspicion of dengue fever, general practitioners have the following tasks:

  • Prescribe checks to confirm the disease,
  • Prepare a treatment tailored to each patient and give him recommendations to be followed,
  • Define and ensure regular monitoring in patients at risk in which serious illnesses can occur,
  • ARS OI report new cases of fever dengue.

A quick report enables controllers to monitor ARS OI vectors in order to identify the circulation zones of the virus in real time and to intervene as quickly as possible to limit the spread of mosquitoes.

Note: If the mosquito bites the patient, it becomes a contaminant and can transmit the disease to a healthy person. Therefore, people who suffer from dengue fever must be especially protected from mosquito bites.

A reminder of the recommendations for the population

The fight against mosquitoes is also:

  • Protect yourself from mosquito bites

The most effective way to protect yourself against mosquito bites is the use of skin repellents and the use of mosquito nets for babies and people who are in bed. Dengue mosquitoes are active during the day and mostly in the morning and in the evening.

  • Remove standing water

The mosquitoes are multiplied by placing eggs in containers and objects containing water. In order to combat the spread of mosquitoes, these nesting sites should be shut down or disposed of every week. "

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