07:20 – Some penalties issued by the Ethics Commission for Telecommunications


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in BRUSSELS (Belgium)

In the past five years, 1,109 complaints have been filed with the Ethics Commission for Telecommunications. However, they led to administrative fines in only five cases, according to the figures of Minister Alexander De Croa (Open Vld) published in De Zondag Sunday.The commission concerned ensures that the paid numbers are provided. advise and conduct inquiries on its own initiative. However, the investigation may also be initiated on the basis of complaints arising from the obstruction of the Code of Ethics. MP Roel Deseyn (CD & V), who asked Minister De Croa in this regard, considers it strange that the complaints lead to such a small sanction. "Sanctions were imposed last year," he notes. In October, the Council of Ministers approved a new Royal Decree providing for the supervision of the Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications. De Croo believes that this should have the benefit of deciding. (Belga)

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