With the speed of the train, he smiled at Messiah!


The bleeding in the nose bleeds through the nose. Looking at the television camera, it was understood that Lionel Messi got a good shot. With the exception of Chris Smaling, Captain Barcelona did not immediately react to the clash, but two days later, Ernesto Valverd opened his mouth. Barbara Coach advised Manchester United consultant to be more cautious on the field

In the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, Messi was forced on Saturday to leave the match against Lucieu in order to organize a match in Valverde. Before the match in the league, journalists learned about the status of captain Barça at the press conference. The coach of the giant Catalunya, compared to the speed of the train, explains how Messi received the injury in response.



"The item was pretty strong." It sounds like the speed of the train hit. But Messi is good.

Chris Smiling, who was so affected by Messi, avoided any penalties. Former England coach Jose Mourinho is concerned that the English defense's hands are "high" and players from other teams can also fall into similar disasters. The confrontation is merely a tragedy, which says that the damage was also shocking for Messiah.

"I do not understand the fact that the injury will happen. After the match, we talked together, we joined. Messi knows that it's just an accident!


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