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Williamson is the best


Kane Williamson of New Zealand is the highest contender at the World Cricket Circus in New Zealand. At the top of the list was Williamson, who topped the list of Mahela Jayawardena with 548 points at the top of the list. However, in the World Cup finals this 30-year-old batsman won the first place. Williamson achieved 578 points in 9 innings in 10 appearances in one World Championship. However, Jayawardene played 11 innings.

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson was already the owner of many records in a colorful career. At the World Cup in 2019, Captain Kiwis added another pen in his career. In the current World Cup, with great talent, he won the team alone in the final.

Williamson, one of four captains with more than five hundred competitions in one world tournament, is also the second player to reach hundreds of caps in the World Cup. Former captain of India Sourav Ganguly was at the top of the list with three hundred in 2003 edition. Williamson's two centuries

Williamson, the second New Zealand player who has scored more than 500 competitions in one of Ross Taylor's team.

List of captains of the best competitors at the World Cup in cricket:
Six matches 100 matches
Kane Williamson (New Zealand) 10 9 578 2
2007 Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka) 11 11 548 1 4
2007 Ricky Ponting (Australia) 1139539 1 4
2015 Aaron Finch (Australia) 10 10 507 2 3
2015 AB de Villiers (d: Africa) 8 7 482 1 3
2003 Sourav Ganguly 11 11 465 3
2011 Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) 9 8 465 1 3
199 Martin Martin (New Zealand) 945 456 1
2007 Graeme Smith (d: Africa) 10 10 443 5 5

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