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Why can not I Messi: BBC analysis (first episode)


Lionel Messi wants to stand on such a stage, but not with empty hands. Photo: Reuters "itemprop =" image "data-jadewitsmedia =" {& # 39; status & # 39 ;: & # 39; success & # 39 ;, & # 39; id & # 39 ;: & # 39; 1447569 & # 39; , & # 39;: & # 39; jpg & # 39 ;, & # 39; thumb & # 39 ;: & Lionel Messi wants to stand at such a stage, but not with empty hands. "Image", "width": 800, "Height": 522, "link": "", "goal": ":": "# 39;", # 39; title: Lionel Messi wants to stand on such stage but not with empty hands Photo: Reuters, & # 39; alt & # 39 ;: # 39; Lionel Messi wants to stand on such a stage, but not with empty hands Photo: Reuters & # 39;, & # 39; align & # 39;: & # 39; & # 39;} "width =" 800 "src =" 06/15 /14dbb88a38e80a93cda57b4f2e1bcdfc-5d04bd70ba2bd.jpg "/></p><p>Undiscovered secret in the world of football Lionel Messi could not win even one title in international football? Another Copa America started, which did not win the Argentine Cup in the last two editions of the tournament. A special BBC analysis of Messi's non-proliferation will be published in two episodes of the Prothom-alo website. <strong>Martin Majroure</strong>Translated original text <strong>Rezwan Rahman</strong></p><p>He was very young, very shy, something special.</p><p>He knew the specialty of Argentina, Argentina. Rare jewels must be made with care, including this.<br />But 14 years after his first appearance on the world level of football, Argentina could finish it! Messi is not in his best form for national team, but time is full. <br />When the 32-year-old Messi becomes the only person to represent his country on the international scene, he is repeatedly closed in every cycle.</p><p>Before each tournament, there are closed networks of hope around him and every time he ends a despair. Of course there were exceptions. In 2005 they won the title of the team under 20 years, and three years later they won gold at the Olympic Games in Beijing. But the main national team? The International Cup did not win</p><p>"It's not about how many times it was unsuccessful; The fact is that every time I have to wait, I have to try to try. This is a good message for young people, not just in football, but also about the way of life. For a while I want to leave Argentina, "said Messi.</p><p>The start of Copa America in Brazil. Messi knows that this will be one of the few opportunities to get a large country name. Football has survived some of the worst moments of life that run for the title, but it's still undeveloped.<br />Messi is the highest scorer in the history of Argentina with 67 goals The record of the greatest number of matches for the national team is not far. Messi played less than 17 games in a 147-match game, owned by Javier Maçarana.</p><p>Today, the Argentine tournament has made a huge eight-time tournament, Messi (four world cups, four Copa America) each time the question arises: Where is Messi, which we see every week in the Barcelona jersey?<br />Messi was accused of having these two subjects from the beginning of his career. The one that is found on one side of Messi, one of Pepsi Guardiola, one of the best world teams, is Andrés Iniesta and Javie all the winners of the football team.</p><p>On the other hand, he is also an uncomfortable football fan, who is in a chaotic, full-fledged ego team, with whom he has a history of suffering in 16 rounds.<br />Every American Copa comes with a disaster. Every World Cup has doubts about its future. Every time the Argentinians invaded the tournament when they were attacked, they tried to crush Messi after hitting him, Messi quickly flew to Spain, with a touch of magic in Spain, recovering completely from the injuries in Argentina.<img class= Barcelona has always been his refuge, there are many doubts in the air, he has revived his leadership skills, of course, every time his renaissance for Barcelona raises questions in the minds of Argentines at sea. Why not? What are we doing wrong with her? Every time he wakes up, he has increased expectations, hope has increased, the conviction has increased, and this cycle has been repeatedly tangled.

Eventually this cycle appeared. Now Messi came from Barcelona to be wounded.

Liverpool defeat in the Champions League semi-finals, unexpectedly, were omitted from the Champions League for two consecutive years, which makes impossible impossible. After that, again in Valencia, in the Copa del Rey final. Although his team won the title of La Liga under his leadership, Barcelona, ​​and more fans this year. At the same time Messi and Suarez could not become a positive leader in the wardrobe. They all survived the season crushed by Barca.

What would be a break if this was the time? What will be the bad days in Argentina, Argentina?

In 1993, Argentina won the title of the last time on the podium. At the center of this time, four Copa América finals (2004, 2007, 2015, 2016) and the 2014 World Cup final were won. Argentina lost all four of these five finals with Messi. Messi was unable to reach any goals in these matches, with his shadow.

Due to the 26-year-old Argentine trophy, there was a dilemma among fans. Someone wants to see Messiah as a defender, some are waiting for his dash to be able to tear him again. Before embarking on another big tournament, the arguments surrounding the captain of Argentina were again enthusiastic. Both sides were on both sides, perhaps the most contradictory.

Messi is the new generation of gods. His comparison with Diego Maradona and can never be raised in the eyes of the elderly. He can not win only at the World Championship, like Maradona in 1986. And if you do it in a short time, it will not be enough to tear.

Since the beginning of the game in the national team, he has become accusations of selfishness. Folk music does not match the throat, it is not too cumbersome with classmates, it does not follow the instructions of the manager, it does not have enough care, did not do enough goals, did not reach 10 on the field, or can not be 9 numbers, the team intervenes in elections, tactics The teams said that such accusations are quite old. The oppressors from their 17 years old are still the father of three children, but he could not even be defamed.

After the Ballon d 'win, or together for a maximum of five times, these scandals are quite strange after the victory of everything possible for the club. However, in a match against the national team in Argentina, the statement "Messi-Hatao" in argentine matches came out.
Messi's influence in the qualifications for the World Cup in 2018 was the highest since Messi played the World Cup in Argentina. There is no other way to win a victory without a victory in a match against Ecuador, the team confirmed that it will go to Russia.

However, the World Cup does not follow the same scenario.

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