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Who is the mysterious palace of the white pebble in the remote village of Bogra?


Who is the mysterious palace of a white pond in the remote village of Bogra?

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Most houses around Tin village. The building is called Tin Rice on large wedge-shaped walls. It is also manually numbered. But the metal house and all the weeds stand above the head, the large building is high. Once again!

It will not be exaggerated to say that the palace of the Palace palace will be lower classes. At the entrance to the village of Sriparpara from Deoli Union in Shigganj, they will be welcomed by the foreigners who will be welcomed by the strangers in Baguira.
In the minds of all, the question arises that in the remote village of Victoria's Memorial in London, the palace of the two palaces?

It is surprising to find that the residents of this house are currently only one. He worked there as a caretaker.

Local residents have no interest in the house. They say that the house has been built for 12 years, spending about 500 crore of it!
We found that the owner of the house Sakhawat Hossain Tutul However, he did not have the destiny to live in this house, even though he spent so much money.

The inhabitants of the village said Sahawat Hossain Tutul, the son of late Abdul Hai from the village of Sarkarpara. Tutul is now in prison in the case of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Local residents said that in 2006 Sahawat Hossain Tutul suddenly became the owner of a lot of money. He then started building this house with about three hectares of land beside the father's sheet. He also built two buildings. After the construction of the house, the outer walls and borders were placed on a white pavement instead of tiles in the wall. Previously, the white book saw only in the film, the villagers said that the villagers.

The workers were brought from Bogra to build house crafts and set up white holes. After 12 years of construction, the construction of the house was completed in 2018.

Precious wood is used for making windows and doors in the house. Cut out the old shape in each of these wooden pieces. White sticks are foreigners. Each room has an air conditioner.

In the big house you will find a five star hotel or even more.

Next to it is a four storey storey flavor of two white palm trees, the other three floors. There are four domes on the ceiling of two houses. There is a park with various attractive kitchens, two ponds and different types of animals. A great flower garden is also very interesting.

There is a lot of speculation about how the family of the middle class family, Tutul, owns such a large property.

The inhabitants of the village Dauli Sarkarpara said that Sakhawat Hossain Tutul escaped from his house and went to Dako. It could not be seen for a long time. Later, he married a non-Bengal woman and has since become rich.

We have found that Tutul has more than 100 cultivated land in addition to the oxford and cold store bundle at the Oxford International School, the Gazipur Fresh Food Factory in Dhanmondi. There are also many companies there.

People in Bogra surround the surroundings of the Tutul House, and the people of Curaculi are quite curious. Because there is no longer an entry of the general public into this house.

About this, home guard Jayant Kumar said that authorities are not allowed to allow foreigners to enter.

However, every day people come to see the house every day from distant places, he said. For tourists, there are many hotels and hotels near the house.

Inside the house

His older brother Fazlul Bari took care of the current business of Tutul.

Tutul did not want to say anything about why he built this house with so much money, but Fazlul Bari said that this house had to go to prison for this Tutul house.

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