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Two years later, on the stage, Biba


Go News 24 | Funny news Posted: April 23, 2015, 22:15

Two years later, on the stage, Biba

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber did not see the stage for two years. But lovers of celebrities who listen to his songs on stage did not disappoint Fans. The singer sang for two years with Aryana Grand in Cochlee.

Ariana Grande sings at the beginning of the stage She will meet enthusiasts at the show. But he did not know much about all those present. When the barber came to the stage, the audience began to rejoice.

Pepper said to fans on stage and did not appear on the stage for two years. I'm here, I did not know I was going to the stage tonight. This is the first phase after my two-year break. I have to go back. My new album will soon be available.

On stage, Bibar appeared in the song "Suri". Then Ariana Grande singing the song "No Tear" to "Left to Krie" and finishing the concert.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, Justin Bieber has been suffering for some time due to mental health. Social media also shared some "emotional" jobs. Because of the emotional tension, Justin was in a short interval for the song.

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