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Tiger and respect are again connected


This couple was seen in the first installment of the franchise. Tiger Shroff and duo Shraddha Kapoor & Baghi & # 39; they were in a thorough debate. After that, Disha Patni tied the tiger in the second half of the film. He was also quite successful at the box office.

In the new year, the manufacturer announced the third installment. Tigers were introduced as heroes. But the heroine, which was a theme, was mysterious. Finally, it is known that the Tigers will appear in "Baghi III" according to the first episode. Two years later they will re-participate.

Regarding the link with this franchise, Shraddha Kapoor said: "It is my pleasure to return to the Baghi family. There were many successes here, there were many memories.

& # 39; Baghi III & # 39; he will work for the third time with Sayyid Sir. Together with Tiger, I will unite and become my first film with Ahmed Sir. I'm excited.

"Baghi III", directed by Ahmed Khan, will be released on March 6, 2020. Along with the campaign, many romantic songs


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