Wednesday , March 3 2021

This new facebook feature will make it easier for many

( The use of Facebook Messenger did not have to cope with camel issues, people who are hard to find. Perhaps because of incorrect typing, one thing was said in the conversation, a friend sent a message to the Inbox folder, and perhaps the head of the secret that says he has a secret. Facebook solves such problems Facebook messenger "Unsend" comes soon.

In an interview for technology development, Facebook voter Stan Cadnovski said that the Unsand Feature conversation. He said that users would be able to delete an unwanted message within 10 minutes. This feature has already been published in Bolivia, Colombia, Lithuania and Poland. When this function comes to other countries of the world, it has not yet been clarified.

Chadnovsky said: "You will be given the opportunity to correct this if you make a mistake." He said that this feature will not allow anyone to send a bad message and to delete it again, and the authorities will pay attention to it.

The first unprotected indicator is indicated last month. Some screenshots showed how this function works. Some of the messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg have been deleted, said Facebook.

How will this function work? You can also delete a message from group chat. But you can delete the message. No other people's message. If you hold the message pressed, the removal button will appear. Then you can delete it.

But you will not be able to escape by deleting the message. You can view the message you've deleted in a chat. You can deal with what actually deleted the message.

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