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This couple is Bappa-Sushmita Entertainment

Bappa Majumder and Sushmita Anis Photo: Collected

For a long time on the music scene, Both take part in the same way. However, these two musicians never worked together. This is the day of love, which gave the opportunity.

On August 8th, on the day of love, a new song "Meghhera letter" was released. Shahan Kampa Keywords: Dual Kantho Song

Shafiin Ahmed, Hamin Ahmed, Manam Ahmed, Kaushik Shankar Das, Tanvir Khan, Elita Karim, Minar, Arnab, Mahadi, producer Ashfaq Nipun and others were present at the ceremony.

Tanvir Khan made a music video of this song, organized by music and music by Bappa Majumder. This video was filmed for two days at Cox's Bazar sites. The song will be shown on the YouTube Sushmita Anis album.

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About this new song, Sushmita Anis said: "Actually, it was the first idea about the song. But when I heard the final version of the song, I did not think that the song should do better. Create videos from this thought. Bappa Da Gune Artist With his first work is very good. There is a great song. Do not be disappointed when the listeners hear it. If people listen to music, our work will be successful.

Guests at the publishing house. Photo: Collected

Raga music from Kalkuta produced the first album of contemporary Bengali song Sushmita Anis in 1998. The songs were composed by Kamal Dasgupta and directed by Firoza Begum. In the summer of 2006, HMV Calcutta released its second album. The album was directed by Firoza Begum. In 2007, his third album was released. In the direction of this Bengali Bengal song, directed by Firoza Begum, Feroza Begum His contemporary album Bengali was released in 2008.

Sushmita Anees received the first prize in her life with Nazrul music, from "Newkrisha". This devotee, Firozhe Begum, works to promote and promote Nazrul's music in the country and abroad.

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