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They found the BSMMU medical body, murdered the families, the accused

Mother Uncle Rajan Karmakar reported to reporters,

Family members of the Bangabandhu Medical University, Sheikh Mujib (BSMMU), were charged with killing a doctor. The name of the doctor is Rajan Karmakar. He is an associate professor of the department for maximalophysial BSMMU. He lived with his family on the Indira Road.
Relatives of the deceased said they returned home on Saturday (March 17th) at Green Life Hospital on private practice at 12am. Ryan Calling the mother of the victim at 15.30, his wife Krishna Majumder said that Ryan will die at night. Later, they realized that Ryan had taken him to Square at night and the doctors proclaimed him dead. The wife of the Krishna Majesty, the daughter of the Minister of Food Sadan Chandra Majumder
His cousin said: "His wife's relationship with Ryan Bhai has deteriorated and is often beaten up, so we suspect he was killed. We want to take the body of his body."
Sujon Karmakar, doctor Rajan Karmakar, said: "We want a fair inquiry into the incident. Want to know the cause of death with an autopsy of the body. We will do what is necessary, "he said. He said:" We have completed the autopsy process and we have not filed any case yet. "
Mum Sujon Karmakar said that mother Sahon Karmakar at night said that Krishna Rajan's mother said: "Rihanna's wife Krishna told my sister by telephone that your son is dead so that I can see you and herself to be suicide. let me stay in peace. My sister (Rajan's mother) called me at 4:30 am in the morning, Ryan was dead, I came to the hospital when I received news of death.
Rajan's colleague, Shah Newaz Bari, from the Neuroscience Department at the Bangabandhu Medical University, Sheikh Mujib, said: "Now we want a fair investigation of this incident." Because there were some such incidents earlier. That's why we are all worried about the fellow who are fleeing. We demand that this is a fair inquiry.
The President of BSMMU's Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS) prof. Dr. Kazi Billur Rahman said: "If Rajan's family wants an autopsy of the body, nobody has any objection." I spoke to the minister, they have no objections to the autopsy. "The body will be taken to the hospital's morgue Dhaka Medical College (DMCH) for autopsy." All doctors and students BSMMU came here. They requested a proper investigation of the incident.
Asked about the body's appearance at first, the doctor said: "I escaped from the night I heard the news. I just saw Ryan's face, I did not see anything else in my body. It seems normal to me.

Vice-President BSMM prof. Kanak Kanti Barua told the Bengal tribunes, "I heard the news of Ryan Karmakar's death. She went to the hospital for her." My father and uncle came here. "Her father complained that this was murder, requiring an autopsy of the body.

He said: "One of the doctors in our organization died. As a doctor, he should be the body of his body. "

He said a medical officer in the Emergency Department. Asaduzzaman told the Bangla Tribune, "at around 15:45, Dr. Rajan brought us family members, then we declared him dead." When we arrived here, we did not get a life. "The ECG was made, it was a straight line. there were no injuries, he probably died from the heart block. We treated the family to give a dead arm and we did not ask for an autopsy. But if the family wants it, an autopsy will be done. "
Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Police Station OC Jain Alam Munshi said: "We were sent to the police after the death of a doctor. We will take legal action if the relatives of the victim complain.

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