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The winners of the World Cup and the second-placed team got millions


The Cricket World Cup took place on May 30 in England and Wales. The last day is the famous The Mall in the country's ceremonial opening ceremony. Twenty-four years of the last match of the one-year cricket tournament,

Bangladesh will play for the Lord on Lord's Day at Lorddoor 3rd afternoon. The ICC awarded a cash prize to both teams in the final. There is more money than ever before.

The World Cup winning team will receive $ 4 million. The Bangladeshi currency, which is around Tk 34 crore Competitors will get half. That means $ 2 million or 17 million.

The International Cricket Council announced a total of $ 10 million for this year's edition. The amount of Bangladeshi money is about 85 laps. Money is devoted to money prizes.

Apart from the two finalists, other parties also get a lot of money. The two teams, which are eliminated from the semifinals, are 8 million dollars or 6 million dollars. Six teams that came out of the first round of the World Cup reached 100 million dollars. That's 85 lakhs of money.

A cash prize was also available for the winning team in the league. The winning team wins $ 40,000 in each match of the first round. 34 lakh in the amount of money

England and South Africa hosted the opening match at Kenyanton Oval. The 46th edition of this 48-day world tournament ends on July 14 in Mecca, cricket.

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