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The UN calls on Bangladesh to open its border in Myanmar

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) called on Dako to open the border to those who want to escape to Bangladesh due to fresh violence in the Myanmar eastern state of Rakhine and northern China.

UNHCR spokeswoman Andrzej Mahichik told a press conference in Geneva on Friday (February 8th) at local time.

Many international presses, including Reuters-Al Jazeera, have been saying for several days that the Myanmar Army works within the Rakhine-China campaign to "control the separatist group". Hundreds of people were displaced in Bangladesh. But recently, Interior Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal of Bangladesh said that all preparations had been made at the border. BGB is in rituals. The government has taken the initiative to stop those who come to return.

At a press conference, Andreas Mahasik said that the UNHCR came to the notice of a deterioration in the violence and security situation that is spreading in Myanmar and China. Many of them became homeless and one part reached Bandarban, a border region of Bangladesh, for a safe haven.

The spokesman said that the UNHR is deeply concerned about the fears of more homeless people and refugees following continued violence in Myanmar.

Mahasik said that UNHCR, as part of its mutual efforts, is prepared to provide humanitarian assistance to areas subject to violence. That is why the UNHCR is ready to help the Bangladeshi government to meet the needs of those people who have fled Myanmar due to violence and are safe for shelter.

UNHCR spokesman said that UNHCR is grateful for the kindness and leadership of the Daka government in the adoption of 720,000 refugees who have arrived in Bangladesh so far against Myanmar's war that began in August 2017. We are now urging the Bangladesh authorities to accept those people who are fleeing, to find a safe haven from Myanmar.

Bangladesh Time: 205 hours, February 09, 019
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