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The terrible rule of the leader of the Awami League … – 735397 Kaler Kantho

Awami League Secretary General Shamim Ahmed Matabar Department Number 15 Dhaka North City. At the same time, he was also Secretary General of the Police Directorate of the Cantonment Police Station. In Manikdi, he made a "terrible rule", so he influenced these two positions.

There is more than one complaint against Shamim because it is grappling, digging the earth and extortion. According to the laws of the country, the courts conduct judicial proceedings. This saves millions of dollars. Whoever does not believe in the judgment of his "court", there are various types of harassment that occur on them. The head of the BNP was harassed in more than one case and has left the area a lot of people

Recently, information about Awami leader Shamim Matabar has created such a horror in the search for Kaler Kanthe.

Shamim's own "court"

It was found that the deceased Motahar Hossain, the owner of the 625 house in East Manikdi, Section 15 at Dhaka North City City Corporation. A three-storey building at about 5 percent of the country with a RS6 number of tides jowar under the Cantonment police station. After the death of Motahar Hossain, in 1997, the son of his mother, Maxud Hossain Tip, built a house, and his mother and brothers and sisters were 22 years old. While Rahmata Khanam, wife of Motahar Hossain, lived on January 1, 2011, her family distributed her property among children. But after his mother's death, the oldest son Moazzem Hossain Bip did not want to accept this division. On July 7, 2016, the land registry was a distributor, not a Bipu.

The complaint was lodged with Awami leader Shamim Ahmed Matabar, who wanted to take over the entire house by demolishing the other brothers and sisters, Moazzem Hossain Bippu of London. He came to Bangladesh and went to Shamim Matabar about this. Shamim did not go to his family when they were called to an office in the Manikdi Bazar area. In September, Shamim divided his post into PAD.

The locals complained that Maksud Hossain Tip had landed during Sham Matabar for more than three months. Brother Tip was forced to buy a house at a lower price than Bipuup, leaving Tip to leave the area.

In the search for Kaler Kanthe, it was found that Maqsud Hossain Tip was not involved in any policy in the area. He was never in the BNP policy. But Ward was charged in three cases because he is a treasurer of the BNP. Shameem Matabar has fuel for him.

It was found that on September 13 last year, Maksud Hossain Tip was charged with the indictment filed on 13 September (61). However, the case did not have the case name. Maxud was mentioned as the treasurer of the Ward BNP. In a conversation with several BNP leaders, Tip is not included in the BNP policy.

Maxoud Hossain Tipu told Kareer Kanthi about the distribution of police services in the community, he said: "Shamim Matbar and his people want to take the house illegally." There is no provision for this. We are surprised and surprised at the fact that we have documented the distribution documentation as secretaries for the police community.

Parent sister of the family, Lutfun Nahar, expressed his anger and said: "My brother Bipu is doing so many mistakes where the police do not talk about the country, and community policemen document it as possible".

Local residents Rahim Uddin Ahmed and Belal Uddin said that Shamim is now head of the community police together with the party's position. Judging by the influence of this situation, the courts are judged and judged. In this respect, no one wants to open his mouth openly.

Shamim's cousin said, without revealing his name: "As the secretary general of the community policing committee, a person issues a court decision in his office and a notification. To be tortured and harassed if one does not believe in his guilt.

Delwar Hossain, chairman of the East Manikdi Police Committee, said: "The community policing committee has divided the land into pad to tell them the best. I went to the police station; but they were also unable to provide any information about it .

A member of the Thani police police committee who did not want to be named, said: "Shamim Matabar did this with power. He abused the power of the police committee with huge money from Bipus.

Secretary General of the Cantonment Police Station and Shamsul Haq Khan Community Police Committee told Kaler Kantha: "I really knew that this can not be done. If they want, they will not be able to tear it up or even tear it apart. And when Tip will come to me, I'll save it.

Shamim Matbara said: "Bipura has come to me with distribution. So I did it." He told the guy that the leader of the BNP was the leader, and they themselves made a committee. If he did not see any GNP program type, he said: "They are not publicly programmed."

The land of widows and emigrant occupation

During the search for Shamim Matabar, a number of sensational information was found in Manikdi Bazar, East Manikhi and West Manikadi. One of the widows took over the earth. Shamim Matabar was the victim of the occupation of the late Manikdi Bazar area under Cantonment Thana. Hanifa's wife Mie Anwara Begum grapefruit

We found that Shamim, who bought three percent lower land than Anwar's husband, was forced to fill the sand. There was a sign in his name there. Shamim Matbar and his people are afraid of these widows, although repeating buyers are forced to sell land worth Tk one crown.

Anwara Begum told Calther Kantha: "My husband served as a guide to the Navy. When your husband is alive, buy three percent of the land on site. Seven or eight years ago, Shamim Matbar and his people filled the sand and in exchange required 70,000 rupees. Then take the house and put the board in your own name. "He said he could not afford to pay for girls' plans.

Anwara said: "Shamim has a widow's land like myself. I'm trying to sell the land, but I can not sell for Shamim."

Lokman Khan was 25 years old in Saudi Arabia. The region of Western Manikia has bought two kathas of land from emigrant money. They also were preparing to build houses with the filling of the lower land. Three years ago Shamim Matabar and his staff stopped building the house. Shamim took possession of the property and claimed that he had taken possession. Not only that the land he bought for the house Lokman Khan bought land worth 25 lakhs.

To know, Lokman Khan has a panic in his face. He said with tears: "Brother, what can I say about the occupation of this country? We only judge God. I bought land for a lot of hard work. I can no longer say a lot Many people in the same area owned land or the people of Shamim trade union took money instead of land.

When asked about the occupation of the widow's land, Shamim Matbarg declined the speech. However, after taking over the places Lokman said that it is part of his inheritance property. He took this reason.

Getting out of the house

Shamim Matbar and his men demanded five of them for demanding their land on the way from the owner of Manikdi's pharmacy Manik and the village of doctor Siddiqur Rahman. In the end, the innocent Siddiqur Rahman got the chance to walk along the road with Shamim for five lakh taka. He asked the question, "I got the money for the road, I do not want to be in danger anymore."

In this regard, Shamim said: "Siddiqur Rahman made our way to our land. That's money.

60-year-old Saiful Islam of Manikdi Bazar said: "In this area, Shamim Matabar will get a lot of incidents and extortion, but no one wants to open the door."

The locals say that Father Shamim Matobar Mamtaz Matabar was a very good man. Sometimes he went on with the dangers of people. But his son became a medicine in Shamim. The reputation of the Awami League is lost due to Shamim. The team has to focus on this group issue.

Harassment of the accused in the case

Only Maksud Hossain Tip, the head of the exhibition space of singer Manikdie Bazar and the local resident Mizanur Rahman, were charged in the case of ransom Shamim Matabar and in the case of a fake case of sabotage. Also, more than 20 innocent people from the area have been involved in the case. Money is collected by some other people with the threat of a case.

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